Cruising as we know it today began sometime in the 1960s, and it’s been a hit ever since. Cruise lines are expanding into different demographics, so now you have everything from expedition cruises to vegan culinary cruises.

So why should you embark on a vegan culinary cruise?

For starters, it’s fun.
Cruises are a luxurious form of travel that was made for you to enjoy. Every cruise has its highlights; some capitalize on the vessels, others boast about their tour excursion destinations, and we, of course, like to show off the culinary aspect of our cruise. After all, who doesn’t love delicious food?

Our clientele is extremely diverse
We have people coming from all walks of life who will be joining you on your journey. Vegan or not, anyone is welcome on the cruise. We do not discriminate as we encourage diversity.

The trip is highly educational
Some of the most important symbols of the vegan community will be on board to lecture about veganism, its history and importance, and why it’s a lifestyle that must be maintained. Not only do you get a good history lesson, but you also have the opportunity to learn how to make plant-based alternatives of your favorite dishes!

Your lifestyle remains sustainable
There isn’t much you need to change about your lifestyle when you embark on a journey with VCC. You will still be able to live out your healthy lifestyle as you usually would because we have the facilities and amenities for you to carry out your daily routines.

healthy lifestyle

Unlimited vegan food
Vegans know the struggle of looking for a place to eat. It’s already difficult enough to find an authentic and verified vegan restaurant when you’re at home, and even more so when you travel. Matters become even more complicated when you’re in the middle of the deep blue sea. But with vegan culinary cruises, you have an unlimited supply of vegan snacks, meals, desserts, and cocktails. Travelling just got so much easier.

Sold on the idea of going on a vegan culinary cruise? Leave us a message if you have any questions. Or better yet, book a cabin and include us in your veganism journey. We’ll be nothing but happy to see you on board!