Travelling the world can change a person, upturning their preconceived notions, and giving them fresh and new perspectives. On Vegan Culinary Cruises’ #TravelTuesday blog, we celebrate the transformative power of travel by presenting you 5 great travel photos, fresh from the visual travelogues of the folks of Instagram. We’ve got fresh photos from above and below the equator, in destinations urban and all-natural.

Without any further delay, let’s check out what we’ve got!



First up is this colorful nighttime photo by @joey_an, showcasing an alley of umbrellas in Kadikoy, Istanbul. This trendy neighborhood in the Asian side of Istanbul is home to many great travel destinations, including an old-school cinema. This particular alleyway is festooned with umbrellas of varying designs, hanging above like painted cups over pedestrians. This image is engaging and gives the street a lot of character.



Our next pick takes us from urban nighttime to outdoor daylight, in the Redwoods Treewalk of New Zealand. Shot by @oliviakate72, this photo presents this place of tall trees from a forest floor perspective, and it leaves quite the impact. Linear and resolute, the redwoods of Whakarewarewa Forest are an imposing sight, reminding us of the resolute wonder of nature.



@tobiashoiten presents this quaint shot of a street in Birgu, also known as Citta Vittoriosa, “The Victorious City.” This fortified city in Malta was the homebase of the Knights Hospitaller, or the Order of Saint John, and was once the island-country’s capital for a short time. This travel photo has a comfy sense of homeyness, heightened by the hues of greens from the potted plants on the street or hanging on the walls.


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“I know you might break me If I say what's on my mind And I know the risk I'm taking It's either yes or it's goodbye But I'm lost in the awe and wonder I'm surrounded on every side Every word you say is thunder.”✨ 📍Suytun Cenote, Valladolid Mexico 🙏🏼Thanks God for creation. Our earth is so exquisite! Its’s such an amazing masterpiece that I can’t stop exploring. I couldn’t imagine or possibly fathom a world without variety. What would life be/look like if it were entirely the same? How would that affect our lives? Would that change the relationship we have with foreigners? How would that shape each countries culture, and diversity? Their values and beliefs? What if across the entire globe, the trees, rocks, mountains, and waters somehow all looked alike? Imagine no differences between deserts and plains? Forests or jungles? Oceans or lakes? This truly is a remarkable array of landscapes, scenery, and beauty that we get to call our home. 🙈😊❤️ • • • • • #travelphotography #travel #mexico #centralamerica #traveller #travelgram #traveling #adventure #explore #suytun #youtuber #youtube #godisgood

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This magnificent photo of Suytun Cenote in Mexico was taken by @janaeadventures, their shot doing justice to the scope of this natural beauty. Cenotes are natural sinkholes that are historically relevant to the ancient Maya people, who considered these underground sinkholes sacred. Indeed, this travel photo exudes an otherworldly sense of awe, from the vast stone shape on the roof to the enigmatic blue waters around the stone platform.



Our last pick of the week is from @bakis_travel_journal, presenting a vivid landscape shot of Colmar, France. We just love the colors in this photo, with a subdued yet pleasing hue that also showcases a distinctive cultural flavor. We can imagine this IG photo framed on a wall, like a painting.

That concludes our #TravelTuesday for the week. Next week, expect another batch of great travel photos. Are you interested in participating in our weekly celebration? Simply hashtag #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your next IG travel photos. Who knows, you might be featured in one of our future 2020 blogs!

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