Time tends to flow in uneven ways. Sometimes it’s so fast you don’t notice that today was three tomorrows since you’ve shaven, or that the weeds in your garden have been unattended for weeks. Sometimes time is so slow, where the hours feel like days and the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like years. If there’s one thing that we learned during these interesting times, it’s to be patient. We can’t go on a culinary cruise right now, but the future is closer than you think. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve chosen 5 more photos from Instagram that we’d love to visit once this pandemic has subsided. We’ve got quite a selection this week, from great island scenery to spacious inland vistas.

Ready? Let’s go!


Let’s start with something green! Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden looks absolutely exquisite in this photo by @sahnl808. We’re loving the shapes and hues of the mountains in the foreground, slowly fading into the lush and tropical trees below. This Garden was a project that includes trees from the various tropical places of the world. We would love to walk the breadth and depth of its pathways once it’s alright to travel again.



Next let’s go somewhere orange! @curious_gage presents this lovely view of the Utah plains from Under Canvas Zion. The vivid orange glow of the distant rock formation just exudes wonder as it looms above the bushy earth, that patchwork expanse of nature that isn’t entirely green, but still full of life on its own. Sometimes we may travel to swim in exotic waters or climb the steepest cliffs, but there is still wonder to be had in traveling across a wide plain.



@iandewarphotography presents Pyramid Mountain and Patricia Lake, the latter mirroring the other in such a scenic way. There’s something about lake photos that makes us feel physically refreshed; while photos of the ocean evoke a sense of adventure and clarity, lake photos give off this strange feeling of calm and serenity, like a glass of water at 2PM when you’re having an epiphany about life. There’s already plenty of lakes in our post-pandemic itinerary, and this one is another great addition.



Bask in the beautiful vista of this Arizona Grand Canyon, courtesy of @wildvegantravel. We’ve seen several Grand Canyon photos before, but each one was wonderful in its own right, including this one. The cloud shadows over the different earthen hues around the river is a nice touch. The image borders on mystical, even.


Huacana looks absolutely animated in our final Travel Tuesday pick of the week. Courtesy of @mylife.mytravels, you can see the vibrant fields contrasting with the moving gray clouds overhead. Even if this is a still photo, it still looks alive, in the sense that there’s a sense of motion to it all. Even when photos capture life in stillness, they still show that the moment you’ve captured still has an active effect on those who look upon it.

That’s it for this week’s Travel Tuesday. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of great photos to admire and be inspired by. When this pandemic ends, you can take your own travel photos, and if you’re interested in joining in on our weekly blog, just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog!

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