Earth is a big place, and even the tiniest slice of its landscape holds so many secrets and wonders. Our vegan river cruises can only visit a fraction of the Earth’s many great locations. This #TravelTuesday blog is dedicated to the world’s vast wonders, compiling 5 great travel photos by the travelers of Instagram. From metropolitan vistas to natural landscapes, our selection for this week shows the sublime beauty that the world has to offer.

Ready? Let’s explore!



Our first travel pick of the week comes from @jade_elyse with their perspective shot of Leadenhall Market, London. This centuries-old center of commerce is lit by the warm yellow glow of Christmas lights, contrasting with the faded blue pall of the sky reflected in the skyscrapers. From the way it’s shot, it seems to show how an archaic cultural space remains independent of the modernity looming over it.



Marvel at this photo of Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden by @emily_foud, a (literal) landscape shot that presents the splendor of Hawaii. Originally built to provide flood protection for the city of Kaneohe, this botanical garden is graced by a variety of trees from all over the world, some of which you can see in this photo.



@ceejylovestravel presents our next travel pick, the Vessel landmark in Hudson Yards, New York. This honeycomb structure was recently opened in March 2019, allowing tourists to climb its peculiar paths and stairways. This particular shot shows several levels of the Vessel along with its tourists, creating an Escher-like effect that is enhanced by the background skyscraper “caged” by the Vessel’s paths.



The beauty of nature can sometimes seem contradictory, and @dreamandtravel2000’s picture presents one such example of contrasting wonder. Mývatn is a crater lake in Iceland, marrying the blue serenity of water with the grim color of black sand. Nevertheless, this volcanic landscape sustains life and is the nesting ground of ducks in the region.



Our final Travel Tuesday pick is by @ozan_s_aktas, with a splendid shot of the Arashiyama River. Framed beneath the soft red hue of tree leaves, this riverboat appears delicate in the placid waters, like a toy in a pond. The photographer’s masterful shot composition reminds us of a painting, from the gentle spots of reds and greens to the subtle details of the boat itself.

That concludes our #TravelTuesday blog for this week. The holiday season is fast approaching, and more travel opportunities await! If you want to participate in our Travel Tuesday blog, just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan to your wonderful IG travel photos. Your photo might even be featured in this blog one day. This world is a vast place, and we’re excited to see what beautiful corner of it that you’ll be showing us.

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