Once you’ve got a taste for travel, your life will never be the same! There’s so much to see and so much to discover on our planet. Our #TravelTuesday blog tradition is dedicated to this drive to explore and experience the world. This week, we’ve picked 5 great travel photos from the travel-loving folk of Instagram. Their photos inspire us to go beyond our comfort zones and experience the world to the fullest.

Are you ready, let’s check them out!


Our first IG pick of the week is an image by @travel_freak88, a magnificently-shot photo of a lake in South Tyrol. With its icy slopes, mirrored waters and well-positioned foreground boat, this travel photo provides a sense of wonder and mystery to this locale in Italy.



@davidoff261189’s photo captures the majesty Angkor Wat, the great Khmer temple in Cambodia. This photo is part of an image set showcasing this ancient temple complex, but this particular image stood out for us. The fading light of the sky against the crumbled yet imposing structure of the tower just does the trick. You can see this world-famous structure for yourself if you join us for our Vegan Culinary Cruises adventure on the Mekong in July 2020.



@lycheng99 presents the remote mountainscape of Huangshuan, the Yellow Mountain peaks of China’s Anhui province. Normally, these granite rock peaks are wrapped in clouds like a cloak, but in this image, one can see the timeless grace of nature, seemingly untouched by human intervention. With such natural beauty, we can see why Huangshuan inspired so many Chinese paintings and poems.


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Like a dream made real, Cappadocia in Turkey comes alive in @ikewlkid’s photo. With a POV shot that puts us above the clay-colored buildings, the photographer captures the many hot air balloons dotting the sleepy, cloudless sky above the cityscape, completing the dreamlike allure of this wonderful travel photo.



Our last Travel Tuesday photo for the week takes us to Old Town, Edinburgh. Old Town is the name given to the oldest part of Scotland’s capital city, and from @nikintrip’s photo, this archaic legacy shows. From the old bricks that make up the buildings to the black spires that loom over tourist and resident alike, this photo shows that even in the ceaseless march of time, some things remain, and retain their historic splendor.

And with that, our Travel Tuesday is concluded. You’ll be seeing a fresh batch of travel photos next week, but why wait? Participate in our #TravelTuesday tradition. Simply hashtag your travel photos with #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan, and who knows, maybe you will get featured in our next Travel Tuesday!

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