Vegan Culinary Cruises celebrates the wonders of the world every Tuesday. How do we do that? With our weekly #TravelTuesday blog posts, of course!

We’ve selected five captivating photos from across Instagram that celebrate the spirit of travel, a blog tradition of ours that we hope sparks your own wanderlust. Be it through an arduous hiking trip or a luxurious culinary cruise, travelling is a great way to experience new cultures and grow in mind, body and soul.

Are you feeling inspired? Let’s go. 


This Insta-upload of @healthy_fit_l presents an artistic shot of the Grand Canyon.

The vastness of Arizona’s natural wonder is accented by @healthy_fit_I’s solemn figure, her back turned to the camera as she gazes out towards the horizon. The Grand Canyon may be an obvious tourist destination to choose, but the unspoken awe in this image gives it a spot on our top 5 pictures of the week.



The beauty of nature takes center stage in @anderswotzke’s photo of El Nido, Palawan. A tropical getaway in the Philippines, El Nido’s travel-worthy wonder is encapsulated in this photo, an iridescent, dreamlike sunset that colors the sands, trees and waters of this scenic beach.



@asanditrip perfectly captures the quaint wonder of Burano, Italy with his candid photo. This island in the Venetian Lagoon is well-known for its iconic lace and colorful housing, the starkly painted buildings giving the locale a picture book-esque aesthetic. Just imagine strolling along those streets!



The Great Buddha of Phuket sits serenely beneath a calming pink sky, a photograph courtesy of @piyapind. The time of day couldn’t have been more perfect, with the gray colors of the immense statue basked in the lavender glow of the setting sun. 



Our final choice belongs to @abate_ben_jonson_ph, showcasing a somber sunset in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands in Spain.  Although this sparse image lacks the vibrancy of previous pics, it retains the essence of travel and wandering, with its muted lighting, distant boats, and usage of the Dutch angle. Like a painting that recalls a time long since past, this sunset of Tenerife concludes this week’s Travel Tuesdays.

#TravelTuesday will return next week, but in the meantime, you can continue your own personal journeys and blog the highlights of your adventures. Post your IG photos with the hashtags #VacationingVegan and #TravelTuesday to celebrate travel with us. Your pictures might even be featured in a future installment of Travel Tuesday. 

Join us on our LGBT-focused vegan cruise along the Mekong in 2020 where we hope to make new travel memories with you.

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