Tuesdays come and go, but with Vegan Culinary Cruises we make the second day of every working week special with our #TravelTuesday posts!

For the uninitiated, #TravelTuesday is a VCC blog tradition where we pick 5 great Instagram images that arouse our love for travel, the same way our #FoodFriday posts highlight our love for vegan cuisine. This week, we are checking out outdoor shots that complement the hue of the sky.

Here are our top 5 Travel Tuesday picks of the week.


@gorkhe1980’s landscape shot of the Himalayan mountains is breathtaking and is made even more so with the parallel imagery of the stacking stones and the distant Mount Fishtail (Machhapuchare in Nepalese.) The deep blue sky contrasting with the rocky peaks of the roof the world just seals this pic’s place among our top 5.



Words cannot describe the sheer aesthetic beauty of this @ashleyjiyeon photo of Lone Pine Lake near Mount Whitney, California. The calm, mirror-like water, the interplay of green, white and blue hues, the subtle golden sunlight on the tranquil trees… just seeing this picture makes us want to pack our bags and head straight towards the lake trail.



Like a storybook painting, the Lagos de Covadonga of Asturias Spain have been beautifully captured in @osquigomez’s stunning picture. Like a sheet of glass cradled by rolling hills, this glacial lake looks simply breathtaking.


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Venice is really quite nice! 🛶🇮🇹

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The waterways of Venice have been immortalized time and time again, but

@danjcourt’s shot of a placid waterway beneath the wispy clouds struck us as particularly unique. One of four equally amazing canal shots, this Venice snapshot gives an approachable and welcoming perspective of the famed City of Canals.



Finally, @travelwithgerms concludes this week’s Travel Tuesday with a snapshot of Jogukara Bridge, the longest arch bridge in Japan. The soft crimson hues of the trees on the sloping hill, contrasting with the easy colors of the sky, create such a striking yet calming image.

Have you been inspired by our #Instagram picks of the week? Do you want to see more? Our #TravelTuesday will return next week, but you don’t have to wait for us. Start sharing your own travel photos now.

Share your travel photos on Instagram with the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan. Let yourself celebrate a life of appreciation and travel. Who knows, maybe you’ll be part of our next top 5 Tuesday picks.

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