Whether it’s a unforgettable vegan culinary river cruise or a breathtaking outing at a national park, we’re excited for the many plans that we’ve written up while in quarantine. Keeping yourself pumped up and active while indoors is a good way to maintain a positive attitude, even with the world being as it is right now. With the right mindset, you can tower over the obstacles you’re facing in the present. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday.

This week, we’ve compiled a great set of photos from the folk of Instagram, showcasing destinations that either tower over us or remind us of things that we can overcome. We’ve got mountains, lakes and more to present to you this week.

Ready? Let’s go!


Let’s start with something green lush. @wolllaaa.e presents these wonderfully vibrant photos of Mirror Lake, Perak, a place where you’re surrounded by a host of vegetation-covered cliffs while you swim in the locale’s gentle waters. There’s something so simple yet fulfilling about seeing such a serene place that has little to no human-made infrastructure to it. Would love to visit one day.



Speaking of human-made, this majestic shot from Ayutthaya, Thailand by @tyxfilmphotography looks great! Shot with Lomo 400, this photo really encapsulates the enduring architecture of the Siamese Kingdom. Even when the age of kings, queens and empires have long passed, their legacy still remains, like stones that have seen countless storms try to weather them. From the details of this particular tower, we can see why people are passionate about ancient architecture.



Talk about a magical scene! This photograph from Milford Sound by @shelleyedhouse weaves the verdant color of grass, the grim heights of mountains and the ambiguous veil of clouds together into a beautiful, almost “Still Life” portrait, especially with how blank the “center” part of it is. The sun peaking out above one mountain is a nice touch.



Lofoten is full of fascinating sights, such as this Norwegian city. @trvllngdream showcases this beautiful aerial shot of Henningsvaer, including a peek of its green soccer field. Living in such a cold place where the Northern Lights can be experienced must be magical. Have you ever wondered about how your own place of living can look amazing to other people?


Our final pick of the week belongs to @allinblueandwhite, presenting the beautiful roiling slope of one of the Tantra Mountains. Here we see a blue sky that looks alive with all the clouds and sunshine, along with an equally dynamic slope that, while not showing any animals or hikers, looks like it supports life and those who enjoy living. Hiking is a literally breathtaking experience, one that we hope more people get into once we can travel freely again.

That’s it for this week’s gallery. Check us out next week for a fresh batch of great photos. When it’s safe to travel far and wide, why not join in? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan to your future IG travel photos, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog.

We’ve got land tours, culinary cruises and more in store for you in the future! Check out our VCC Adventures for more information.

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