Welcome back to another week of #TravelTuesday, the blog post where the Vegan Culinary Cruises team shares our favorite travel photos of the week with you. If you are new around here, every Tuesday we scour Instagram for the travel and adventure photos that impress us the most.

Our checklist includes breathtaking natural beauty, exotic vacation destinations, and photos that have that something extra special. It might sound as though we are asking too much, but we just want the best to inspire travel aficionados such as yourself. Scroll through this week’s top 5 and let us know if they gave you the travel bug.


We couldn’t have picked a more spectacular photo to start us off this week. @pritravels shows us the splendor of Norway with this shot of the fjords near Bergen. The majesty of those mountains towering of the water is simply spectacular.



We don’t need much encouragement to get excited about the Canadian Rockies at the best of times, so this image by @nicholasvardyphotography is exactly what we want to see. This photo was taken inside the Banff National Park. Established in 1885, Banff is officially Canada’s oldest national park. Let’s hope it stays protected forever.



Our third photo for this week’s #TravelTuesday list comes from @frankthehiker and perfectly captures the gorgeous grandeur of the Grand Canyon. We are struggling to think of a natural landmark more photographed in history. What do you think?



@hannah.nes is busy relaxing in one of our favorite locations on the planet. The Mekong Delta is a stunningly beautiful maze of waterways, passing through some of the most historically significant regions of Southeast Asia. The first of our 2020 vegan river cruises will be on this great waterway. If this photo highlights your kind of adventure, be sure to check out our July 2020 cruise along the Mekong.



Do you ever look at a photo and instantly wish you were there? That is exactly how we feel when we look at our final #TravelTuesday photo of the week from @iamtravelphotographer. The image captures everything there is to adore this location perfectly. The sunshine filtering through the tree. The lake framed by staggering mountains. The enchanting house.

Did our top 5 #Instagram photos give you a reason to want to get out and explore this gorgeous planet we all call home?

Our #TravelTuesday picks will be back again next week. In the meantime, take part in our weekly celebration of travel photos by sharing your own online. Share your photos on Instagram with the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan and you might just end up on our Top 5 list.

If our list has inspired you to see more of the world, check out our upcoming Vegan Culinary Cruise journeys for 2020. It would be our pleasure to welcome you as we redefine vegan travel on the world’s greatest waterways.

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