One thing that we look forward to on a future vegan river cruise is the chance to make memorable experiences. We’ve all had our albums of family outings and vacations with friends and peers. The awesome thing about traveling (before this pandemic hit) is how new places and experiences can cultivate new and vibrant memories, memories that you can cherish for a long time. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve gathered a set of wonderful travel photos that showcase joy and freedom in a time of pandemic and quarantine. We’ve got lush greens, awesome heights, and more to show you this week.

Ready? Let’s go!


Our first pick of the week comes from @_michalveselsky_, presenting this captivating shot of a misty forest in Zuberec, Slovakia. We’re a sucker for magical-looking woodlands, and this shot just oozes with mystery and wonder. We’d love to walk through a cold misty forest one day. How about you?



@bestdestinationintheworld presents the Zrmanja River of Croatia, a winding body of water whose aquamarine hues contrasts well with the sandy slopes of the earth around it. Known to ancient Romans as Tedanius, this waterway looks alive and well amidst the earthen colors around it. We wonder how far this river goes.



Don’t you just love the open sky? This breathtaking shot of Denali, Alaska comes from @backwoodswanders, showcasing both a grassy field and a partially cloudy expanse of blue sky. There’s something so nostalgic about seeing such a sunny and outdoors-y photo like this. It would be nice to visit the countryside once it’s alright to do so again.



Speaking of wide expanses, check out @repurposedbrad’s photo of Ninh Binh, Vietnam! Just look at that wonderfully misty horizon, along with the rugged, forested hills amidst the flat farmlands. There’s a level of dynamism to this particular landscape, and the soft, faded glow over the horizon just makes it perfect.


Our last pick comes from @travelingwithjoeyandken, showcasing this minimalistic shot of a boat in Siem Reap, just as the sun sets. We love a lot of things about this photo, from the nostalgic hues to the mossy waters to the boat that just says “Angkor.” Photos like this are like paintings, in how they evoke a strong emotion in their viewers in a way that may not be uniform or similar. How does this photo make you feel?

That’s it for this week. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of great photos. Interested in participating in the future? Add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos, and who knows, maybe your pics will be featured in a future blog!

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