Life may not always be a kind experience, but every now and then, we can witness something so wonderful and enrapturing, that we just can’t help but feel awe. Maybe it was the sunset’s rays across the playground that you used to play in, or the view of your hometown from the window of a plane. Maybe it was your first time traveling across the sea, or the last time you watched a concert with someone you once loved. We’ve all had our share of vivid sights, but regardless whether we immortalized them in images or not, their vividness will always remain in our memories. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve compiled 5 great photos from Instagram that struck us as vivid locales that would be nice to visit. We’ve got high-rising mountains, colorful canyons, and more to grace your screens.

Ready? Let’s go!

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One of the most amazing sights I’ve seen was flying over the southern tip of Greenland – the snow capped mountains made it feel like we were no longer at cruise altitude and that coupled with glaciers, icebergs and the ocean made for a spectacular sight. Check out my new ‘Flight’ cinematic over on my YouTube channel. 📍Greenland 📷@gary.cowley • • #greenland #mountains #snow #ice #glacier #atlantic #northatlantic #atlanticocean #ocean #flight #boeing747 #inflight #cruise #aviation #aviationphotography #travel #travelgram #travelphotography #amazing #beautiful #stunning #scenery #sceneryphotography #nature #naturephotography #aviationlovers #aviationgeek #sky #mountainrange #snowmountain

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Witness the beauty of Greenland in @gary.cowley’s great plane-side photo of its mountain high up in the air. Here the blue of the sky pales to the deep hue of the waters far below, contrasting with the rough while snow that caps the rocky peaks. These mountains fade off into the horizon, almost like clouds. A plane ride really puts the world into perspective.



Next up is @wen_long.0912’s bright and lively photo of the Bitou Jiao Trail in Taiwan, showcasing just a sliver of the long pathway ahead. Just look at that dynamic skyline! The shifting clouds and the intense green of the grass gives this photo a sense of iridescence, a shiny quality that makes it more appealing as a place to visit. One of these days, we’ll visit this location’s lighthouse, via this long trail.



@nattywalf presents the stunning beauty of Aurlandsfjord, Norway, a teal-colored mass of waterside cliffs that practically dwarfs the town of Aurland near it. The cloud cover overhead shadows the fjord in a way that makes it almost as blue as the river, contrasting with the less uniform colors of Aurland that stands besides a grassy field. Great contrasts of size and color like this must look amazing up close.



Inspiration Point lives up to its name in @jeffpoephoto’s shot of Bryce Canyon National Park. This wonder of nature stretches for miles and miles, with a bright orange hue punctuated by the dark green of trees that rise up between the rocky cliffs and spires. This shot in particular is quite enthralling, the canyon’s colors and textures almost like an Impressionistic painting.



Our final pick of the week is from @mihahabjan, showing the conclusion of a long trek through the mountains of the Julijske Alps in Slovenia. Here we see the looming shapes of the mountains beyond, with swirls of cloud and mist giving off a mysterious vibe to them. However, alongside these details are slanting rays of sunshine, illuminating the mountains that were recently conquered. Nature might be imposing, but that doesn’t mean that it is something to shun or to fear. Sometimes, you just have to experience its intensity first-hand, like a mountain climber.

That’s it for this week’s Travel Tuesday blog. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of great photos from around the globe. Interested in showcasing your future travels on our blog? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your upcoming IG travel photos, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured on a future blog!

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