There are places in the world that have a sense of intensity to them, a feeling of awe and wonder that feels like a gravitational pull. Sometimes it is a lush forest full of life or a remote mountaintop, the world is full of destinations that are full of austerity, color and beauty. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday.

This week, we’ve pulled together 5 new great photos from around the world, places whose intensity and wonder are captured on great photos by the folk of Instagram. Some of these locales would be nice to visit on future vacations and culinary cruises. We’ve got mountains, plains, and beautiful skies for this week’s gallery.

Ready? Let’s go!

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❓Have you been to a mystical place❓ What did you think of it❓ Some months ago, we visited a beautiful island in Nicaragua 🇳🇮 that was so mystical! Isla de Ometepe, lovingly called an “Oasis of Peace” is an island that rises from Lake Nicaragua. It offers tranquillity, peacefulness and serenity😌. Many people believe Ometepe has special healing energies🌈. The island is home to two magnificent volcanoes🌋 Concepción and Maderas, connected through a narrow strip of land, that makes the island look like a figure of eight8️⃣ or an hour glass⌛ on a map. It’s a beautiful little green nature ball of an island, that offers culture, history, hiking trails, beaches and spectacular sunsets🌅. 🌐Let us help you dream about and plan your future travels – check out our Isla de Ometepe travel tips, link in Bio. ℹFollow @confusionofcultures and visit our website for culture inspired travel.

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In the lake of Nicaragua lies an oasis of peace, a place called Isla de Ometepe with two volcanoes. A snapshot of this fascinating locale by @confusionofcultures showcases only a part of this island, a place that no doubt must be quite exhilarating to visit. There’s something magical about visiting volcanoes, be they active or dormant.



Next up are these magnificent shots of Norwegian plains near Kilpisjarvi, taken by @mika.taurianen. Here we see a vivid landscape of flat yet dynamic fields, with the shadows of clouds overhead providing a moving portrait of the land. We can almost feel the wind in this photo, just from the clouds alone.



Our next pick is relatively tame in presentation, but still quite amazing in terms of scope. @pirate_turtle presents the Monasteries of Meteora, Greece, ancient religious structures built atop precarious cliffs. Just imagine yourself contemplating your place in the universe within these structures, all while being high above the ground. Such a site would give one pause about how they live.


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A la découverte de la vallée de l’Opunohu et du Mont Rotui 🚴🏼‍♀️ On avait envie de faire une randonnée dans le centre de Moorea, qui part du Belvédère. Alors pour se rendre au Belvédère, on a décidé de louer des VTT…. le Belvédère, comme son nom l’indique offre un point de vue magnifique sur les baies d’Oponohu et de Cook ainsi que sur le Mont Rotui. Le Belvédère est donc situé en hauteur, à 240m d’altitude exactement. Et nous on était en VTT, je ne vous fais pas un dessin. Ah, la belle histoire ! On en retiendra une journée merveilleuse (non je n’ai pas insulté la terre entière dans la montée) (et je vous raconte pas l’épisode de la crevaison de mon pneu arrière 😅), des paysages magnifiques, des points de vue à couper le souffle et pour couronner le tout, une randonnée … sur les rotules ! Et vous, vos vacances sont plutôt sportives ou tranquilles ? ✨ #frenchpolynesia #moorea #morning #view #honeymoon #travel #voyage #vsco #discovery #island #landscape #travelphotography #traveladdict

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Here we see a lush photograph of Moorea, French Polynesia taken by @beau._.sejour. This photo shows the still thriving greenery of the island, along with a shrouded, almost gloomy pointed mountain in the background. Other photos in the same pic group showcase the rest of the island, but even without those extra images, this photograph alone presents a lively, nature-covered destination that seems worth visiting.



Our final pick of the week comes from @hlediseon, presenting a gorgeous shot of the Arctic Henge Circle in Iceland. Inspired by Eddic poems, these structures look resolute and magnificent behind the backdrop of an evening sky, like doorways in myth. We can only imagine what it would be like to stand beneath these hedges while an aurora borealis colors the evening sky.

That’s it for this week. Visit us next week for a fresh batch of great photos. Want to join once it’s safe to travel again? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog.

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