The concept of distance is both physical and abstract, and can denote both how far away an object is and how far away one really feels. A person can be physically close to you, but can act aloof and indifferent, as if you’re not there. In contrast, a person can be miles away, but through intimate long distant messages, can feel closer than the physical distance between you. The abstract nature of distance doesn’t just extend to people. A future where we’re free to pursue our vegan travels might seem far away, but with each day, we’re closing the distance to a tomorrow where it’s safe to explore the world again. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve chosen 5 great photos from around the world, photos that have a remoteness to their perspective, yet contain a beauty to them that can only be fully appreciated from a distance. In this time when travel is restricted, it’s good to see some great destinations for our future itineraries.

Ready? Let’s go!


First up is this magnificent shot of Glacier National Park by @audrabeau1. This serene alpine photograph conveys both a sense of height as well as distance, with the facade of the mountain rendered in watercolor-esque colors and textures. One can feel the itch to go hiking by seeing such a green path towards the summit, a clean area with plenty of fresh air to gulp as you climb ever upwards to the peaks.



Wallaman Falls comes alive in @onecentbackpacker’s scenic photo. Here we see how tall the titular waterfall is, not through a simple worm’s eye view, but through a distant shot that also frames the farther plains. In a way, this shot shows how far down the waterfall truly goes, instead of how far up it is. Also, part of the cliff to the right side looks like a steep ramp. We wonder what it would be like to slide down.



Thimphu, Bhutan looks colorful in this photo by @nancy_g_photography. A country known for its beautiful fortresses and temples, Bhutan’s capital city is captured in a shot that showcases both its colorful architecture and its close proximity to nature, what with its buildings nestled in a valley of vibrant trees, their angled shapes in harmony with the natural world around them. It would be nice to visit Bhutan one day.


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@zentravel852 presents a serious-looking shot of Mount Cook, framed by two nearby slopes and the slow, meandering creek at the bottom of the frame. We love how the clouds above Mount Cook form a halo of sorts about it, in contrast with the wispy clouds on the blue sky above it, as if the mountain itself draws the clouds in. We’ve talked about remoteness and distance earlier, and this photograph seems to embody these feelings in a natural way: while other photos of Mount Cook look lively, this one feels solemn, but is still beautiful in its solemnity.



Our last pick comes from @herm.afrodite, showcasing a shot from the island of Milos in Greece. Here we see a pale, possibly volcanic natural structure standing high above the light green waters, with a small cave below it. There’s a sense of natural “cleanness” to this image that you can’t find in regular beaches. Maybe it’s because of the white stone, or the crystal-clear water. All in all, the colors of this location looks absolutely enticing to visit.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday blog. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of photos to admire and be inspired by. When it’s alright to travel again, why not join in on our weekly blog? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan, and who knows, maybe your future photos will be featured in our blog someday!

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