In the past months, it had seemed that vegan travel was beginning to grow in popularity. It seemed that more and more travel companies began to cater to tourists and explorers practicing a vegan diet. When the pandemic clears and we can travel far and wide again, we can be happy knowing that we might have more all-green options in our future expeditions, but until then, let’s experience the world in different ways. We can do gardening, paint our surroundings, or appreciate great photos from around the world. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve chosen 5 new photos that show places that are vast in their own way, from beautiful trees to imposing mountains. There’s plenty of great destinations to add to your future travel itineraries!

Ready? Let’s go!


First up is this beautiful shot of Mt. Machhapuchhre by @isaac.rai.71. Mt. Everest is the most famous mountain in the Himalayas, but great peaks like Mt. Machhapuchhre here also deserves appreciation. The way the snow slowly fades into rocky, earthen cliffs just details the scale of this great natural monument. We’d love to go hiking on a steep mountain like this someday.


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Taiwan has some incredible forests to hike in. This red cypress tree is likely over a thousand years old. Imagine that for a second. Imagine the animals that have taken refuge here over that span of time. Imagine the people who may have passed by, worshipped, taken rest under its limbs. It’s easy to get lost in your thoughts when passing by ancient giants like these. . . . . . . . . #自然 #fantastic_earth #nature_wizards #landscape #wildernessstones #wildernessnation #landscape_hunter #司馬庫斯 #landscape_lovers #landscape_photography #landscapehunter #landscapelover #landscapelovers #landscapephotography #landscapephotomag #landscapephotos #landscapes #landscapeshot #iformosa #landscape_specialist #natgeo #nationalgeographic #naturephotography #nature_perfection #ourplanetdaily #worldnomads #台灣 #bpintaiwan #gohiking #adventurers

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Next up is @downtoexplore’s perspective shot of a tree in a Taiwan forest, a singular cypress that nevertheless exemplifies the collective beauty of the woods around it. As @downtoexplore points out, such a tree is ancient, a imposing, living thing that has seen thousands of days go by. The worm’s eye view really sells this introspective insight. If you ever go hiking in a forest, think about how young we are, and how old the rest of the world is in comparison.



Lake Superior looks like its namesake in this atmospheric photo by @travel_withpanda. The curved perspective makes the thick clouds above the azure waters look like the lid of some vast creature’s eye. The ebbing light far off into the horizon just emphasizes the scope of what looks like a storm above the lake, a lake vast enough to be within three different territories. Such an awe-inspiring sight.



Vardousia Mountain, Greece looks lively in this photo by _fotis_Drls_, an uneven peak that looks woken up by the golden light of the sun (although we can’t tell if it’s rising or setting.) No mountain is alike, and each one has its own quirks and facets that make it stand apart from others of its kind. Here, the steep slope almost looks like part of a plain that’s been upended, due to the grass that grows there. We wonder what it would be like to watch the sun rise from above this particular Greek peak.


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Night time at the Reef. #capitolreefnationalpark

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@iamprobablyhiking presents our last pick of the week, a scenic shot of the starry night sky from Capitol Reef National Park. Here we see the cosmos in all their glory, undisturbed by smoke and dust from the cities. The tall plateaus and grass earth “ground” the night sky in a way, reminding its watchers that such a view can only be seen from a place far from artificial lights and polluted air. In a time of modernity, it’s nice to take a break and immerse oneself in the natural world’s beauty.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of photos. When it’s alright to travel again, why not join in on our weekly blog? Add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos, and who knows, maybe your adventures will be featured in a future blog!

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