Have you ever looked at the sky and thought to yourself, “Wow, amazing!” Indeed, exposure to the sky and sunlight keeps us healthy and sound. Even if it’s safer to stay indoors, one should not neglect the importance of getting fresh air. Just imagine all the wonderful monuments and locations that are also beneath the dynamic skies of the world, places that you can one day visit in the future. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve chosen 5 new photos from Instagram that showcase a diverse and dynamic world beneath an ever-changing and dynamic skyline, from Asia to Europe. While we wait for the opportunity to go on vegan river cruises, let’s appreciate the beauty of the world at home.

Ready? Let’s go!


First up is the Stjornarfoss Waterfall in Iceland, photographed by @lex.universe. This particular shot of the scenic body of water is fascinating in how remote and distant it is, the waterfall itself almost dwarfed by the reddish earthen hues of the rocky, facelike hills and flat plain. There’s another photograph of this waterfall by the same user, but it was this remote shot that caught our eye, because of its unique and dreamlike its color palette and shot composition.



@vietnambikers presents this magnificent sunset shot of Halong Bay in Halong City, Vietnam. The three main elements of this photo—the sunset, the water, and the limestone islands—combine together into an aesthetically-pleasing photograph that conveys both a sense of timelessness and continuity. Much has changed in the past months, but like these islands crowned with rainforests, a lot of things have also remained unchanged, still and enduring throughout the passing days.


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City of angels

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Wat Arun stands tall in this photo by @mm_tatchak. A Buddhist temple in Thailand, Wat Arun’s various intricate designs are well-presented in this worm’s eye view of the monument, mountain-like in presentation, with an unsaid invitation to walk up its steps. Human civilization has produced many enduring structures throughout the centuries, and the architecture of these creations often reflect the worldview and culture of the societies that built them. The central tower of Wat Arun is symbolic of Mount Meru, the center of the universe in the cosmology of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, and this perspective shot gives a sense of scope that befits such a structure.


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This one was pretty cool!

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The Dragon’s Eye stares out of this pool of coastside water in Lofoten, Norway, a scenic stone captured in a photo by @hoholellu. The wet, almost morphic stone of the foreground really contrasts well with the watercolor-esque hues of the island and waves beyond the shoreline, while the Dragon’s Eye itself presents an unusual focus point. It really looks like the photo is staring back at you, a visual effect that must look even better when you visit it yourself.



Our last pick for our Travel Tuesday blog is a serene, almost desolate photo of Eglinton Valley Viewpoint by @pandastraveladventures. Like a photograph of a staircase leading upwards, this yellowing grassland beneath a gradient sky invites the viewer to stare beyond it, to look into the seeming emptiness and find something to fill it. The sky is a dynamic canvas, but like many pieces of paper, it can be blank. However, the wind-blown grass and the deep green mountains are more than enough to breathe life into this image.

That’s it for our blog this week. Be sure to visit us next Tuesday for a fresh batch of great photos to admire and be inspired by. Once it’s safe to travel far and wide again, why not join in on our weekly celebration? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog!

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