The world remains a beautiful place, even if most of us can’t visit all of its beautiful corners. While we wait for the chance to go on vegan travels again, let’s enjoy the sights and sounds that we can afford to experience in the safety of where we live. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday.

This week, we’ve compiled 5 new photos from the people of Instagram, showing great travel photos that, to us, seem to have this animated quality to them, a reminder of the great destinations that await us in the future. We’ve got islands, canyons, and so much more in store for you this week.

Ready? Let’s go!


First up is this vibrant photo of a summertime locale in Knossos, Crete. This photo by @niitkaa is absolutely brimming with color, from the almost-glowing leaves to the various fruits and flowers, along with the rich crimson wood in the foreground and background. One of the things that we miss on our travels is the chance to bask in the beauty of our environments, whether we’re in a natural landscape or a green urban locale. Hopefully we can visit places like Crete again someday soon.



@eat_move_smile_inspire presents an absolutely breathtaking shot of the Grand Canyon, a vast landscape photo that contrasts the textured terrain with the blank blue sky. This beautiful destination is known for many such vistas, places that you could stare at for hours, places that remind us of nature’s sheer scope and beauty. Places like this are worth visiting more than once. One does not experience a destination the same way twice, after all.



Next up is a serene nighttime photo of the Dragon Bridge in DaNang City by @blackhmongtribegirl. Here we see a lovely night sky illuminated by the almost festive colors of street lights and city buildings, along with the dragon itself. There’s a strange, paradoxical sense of festivity and loneliness in this photo, because of its lighting and its lack of people. The Dragon Bridge looks almost liminal in that way, a transitional state between a celebration and a quiet hour.



Easter Island’s Moai Statues come alive (not literally, but we digress) in this sunset photo by @cami.viaggia. These ancient monuments are outlined in the bright daylight of the setting sun, giving off a sense of resilience and dignity to their stony frames. There are many such statues around the island itself, but this particular row of heads are made livelier by the fading light. All in all, this is a very aesthetically-pleasing shot, and we commend Cami for that.


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Framed, Bluff knoll – July 2020 ________ I was under the belief that you make a photo not just take it, while that still holds true occasionally you’re in the right place at the right time. This was one of them, after a gruelling hike up Toolbranup in amongst the rain, clouds we stood soaked and quite cold but we made it. After the descent we drove to bluff knoll to have a look as we wouldn’t see the peak when we arrived to summit in the morning, really glad we did. I was snapping away and heard someone shout “rainbow” I turned around and saw it forming. I ran as fast as I could to frame this and luckily managed to get a few photos and capture this special moment ________ #perth #wanderoutyonder #rainbow #framed #bluffknoll #stirlingranges #canonaustralia #create #createexplore #justanotherdayinwa #sunset #seeaustralia #photographer #photography #hikes #earthpix #createexplore #seeperth #perthnow #summit #storyteller #storytelling #visualambassadors #Kathmandu #australiassouthwest #mywildearth #wildearth

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Our last pick is from @askexplore, showcasing a beautiful full rainbow in Stirling Range National Park. While the vista itself already looks sprawling and full of natural life, the rainbow below the foggy clouds just makes it a great photograph. One does not always get the chance to capture the full curve of the rainbow, after all. This beautiful shot reminds us that at the end of every tempestuous event in our lives, something beautiful awaits.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday blog. Visit us next week for a fresh batch of photos from around the world. When it’s safe to travel, why not join in on our weekly blog? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos, and who knows, maybe your photo will be featured in our Travel Tuesday blog some day.

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