It’s important to give yourself some sunshine each day. With the current pandemic and other difficult factors affecting people all over the world, we could all use something to cheer us up. Sometimes it can be literal sunshine (give your skin some vitamin D), and sometimes it can be things that spark joy, like cooking great food and participating in your hobbies.

Feeling a sense of longing for travel? Check out our Travel Tuesday blog’s great selection of travel photos, places that you can add to your future travel itineraries. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: planning for tomorrow is to believe that there’s another day. While we ourselves can’t go on European vegan cruises right now, for example, we’re still anticipating a time when all will be clear and safe to travel on cruises again.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!


Let’s begin this week’s gallery with a stunning view from Sheep River Provincial Park! Courtesy of, this photo presents a shot of the park with a remarkable amount of depth, from the flowers in the foreground, to the sun-kissed grass near the middle, and the misty hills and mountains far off into the background. The fact that it’s done in portrait-style really makes it feel like a door or a window in the Park itself. Traipsing around the grassy fields of parks is something we hope to do again, someday soon. How about you? Do you have any park plans in the future?



@rahuul_04 presents this somberly-lit photo of Prague, a piece of semi-chiaroscuro photography that reminds us of the European paintings of old. Here we see tall city blocks obscured in darkness, while the soft glow of lamps provides a lonely hall that leads off into an unseeable curve in the street. Despite the stillness and silence of this photo, the dark blue sky offers a hope for the dawn, for the sun to rise and return the light.



Angkor Thom looks tall and imposing in this photo by @jokkull. When it comes to many modern buildings, there’s a sense of sleekness and modernity to them that makes them very different from the natural world that they occupy. Angkor Thom, and many other buildings from ancient civilizations don’t have this quality. Weathered by time and reduced to the enduring stones of its foundations, Angkor Thom looks as natural as the vast jungles that surround it, a mountain of carved sculptures that immortalized the legacy of ancient Khmer.



@streetphotomode presents this stunning photograph of a small part of Hang Son Doong in Vietnam, the world’s largest natural cave. The light and the mist evoke a sense of awe and wonder to this photo, the sliver of sky from up above bringing sunrays over the cave air. This photo only shows a small part of Hang Son Doong, and even then, it is still quite majestic. Caving hasn’t been a big priority of ours, but we’re always open to experience new things. Have you ever tried caving?



Our final travel photo is from @travel.time.20, showcasing the inside of a glacier in Alaska. In this cavern of placid water and looming ice, the golden hues of the sunset outside is what really completes the photo, with the photographer and the photo subject gradually moving towards it. We love a sense of motion in people’s travel photos, a sense that the photo itself was capturing a continuous motion into a frame. Although this photo suggests a slow pace towards the sunshine, we know that the boat will eventually escape the tunnel of ice, to bask once more in the light. There’s an apt metaphor in there somewhere.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday blog today. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of great photos. When it’s alright to travel far and wide again, why not join in on our weekly celebration? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog!

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