The Vegan Culinary Cruises team spends a lot of our time thinking about travel, so we wanted to share our passion with you every Tuesday right here with our #TravelTuesday blog.

Every week we pick our Top 5 Instagram travel photos so you too can be inspired without the hard work of searching around the Internet. These #TravelTuesday photos are what we consider the most exciting and inspirational travel images of the week.

We hope you agree with us!

Grab some vegan snacks, scroll through our Top 5 list, and start planning your next vacation.


Zion National Park in Utah, USA is one of the most photogenic (and photographed) places on the planet. @fitzgeraldjon has captured the colors and majesty of Canyon Overlook Trail perfectly and we simply had to include this photo as the lead entry in our Top 5 this week. “Some things are worth getting out of bed at 5AM” and we couldn’t agree more with you on that, Jon!



We’re at a loss for words at this stunning shot by @arnarkristjans_photography. The colors and dramatic ambiance of the Icelandic landscape are mesmerizing. It almost looks like it’s taken straight out of a fairytale and it’s a dream come true. We’ve always known Iceland as a magical destination where nature reigns supreme, and this photo proves why.



New Zealand was featured in our last #TravelTuesday Top 5 list and we suspect it will show up plenty more times in the future. Just look at how @tanzina_is captured this pastel-colored sunset from Nugget Point Lighthouse in Dunedin on the southeast coast of New Zealand’s South Island.



You only have to read the name Amalfi Coast for your mind to conjure up images of dramatic Mediterranean landscapes dropping away to sparkling, turquoise waters. We picked this photo by @tiffanygnt for our list this week because it made us want to travel to the gorgeous village of Positano. Immediately!



@motherpixels is one of our favorite travel and landscape photographers on Instagram. Take one look at her breathtaking photo of Moraine Lake, Canada to understand why we adore her work. The photos are just one part of the story, however. Take a read through some of her captions and discover some touching and humorous musings.

Did our top 5 #Instagram photos give you a reason to want to get out into the big, wide world?

Our #TravelTuesday list will be back next week. Join our weekly celebration of travel photos by sharing your snaps online. Post your photos on Instagram with the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan and you might just end up as one of our favorites.

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