We’re halfway through the year, so let’s keep our hopes up. We might not be able to go on European vegan cruises at the moment, but we can still visit the many great destinations of the world through the medium of photos. Our Travel Tuesday blog continues to provide you with a curated weekly gallery of great Instagram photos, depicting wonderful places that you can add to your post-pandemic travel itineraries. This week, we’ve chosen 5 bright and pleasant photos that remind us that there’s a future after the lockdowns, after the stressful events of this year.

Ready? Let’s go!


Starting up our TravelTuesday is @allyspassport’s great shot of The Narrows, a section of Zion National Park. This scenic park is full of great vistas and places to immortalize in photos, and the richly-lit cliffs of the Narrows constitute only a small segment of the entirety of its wonder. Hiking lets you exercise your body while immersing yourself in the beauty of the natural world, and when it becomes safe to travel again, you can bet that hiking will be one of the first things we’ll do.



@_nature_show_ presents this mystical waterfall in the forests of Lanka, a distant curtain of spraying water surrounded by hanging green vegetation. Much of the natural world is known to us, from the way rain works to the pathways of rivers on their journeys to the sea. However, such knowledge cannot remove the awe and mystery that comes from hearing the rush of water as it passes through the lush greens of a forest, that sense of life that this photo captures in stillness.



The great mountains of Glacier National Park look quite nice and resolute in this photo by @travelinginfluencer. Here we see the ever-present color contrast of rich green earth and deep blue sky, separated only by the rocky facades of snow-capped mountains. To walk through the woods is to feel nature envelop you, while to gaze up at a mountain is to behold nature’s size and scope. An impressive mountain shot never ceases to amaze us.



@mistyjay91 showcases a wide shot of El Yunque National Forest, a green locale in Puerto Rico. Once again, we see the green-and-blue color contrasts of nature, but in a totally different way. Here, the wavy clouds of the sky almost gives it the texture of a sea, and the lively hue of the trees below resemble a mossy sea floor. Regardless of that simile, El Yunque is captured beautifully in this photo, showing off its pristine landscape and sheer scope.



Our final TravelTuesday photo pic is from @notjustsea, presenting this shot from Samet Nangshe, Thailand. Although the cover of clouds may veil the sky, the trees of the cliffs and bay remain vibrant. There are many locations that we would love to visit once these trying times have passed, and a sunset view from Samet Nangshe is one of them. While there is no sunset here, there is still a bay full of life, still a Samet Nangshe to explore in the future.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday blog for this week. Be sure to visit us next week for a brand new set of photos to inspire you. When it’s alright to travel far and wide again, why not join in on our weekly celebration? Just add the hashtags #Traveltuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog.

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