Greetings! It’s the second day of the week, which means that you’ve still got a whole six days to enjoy before the next week comes. Even if we can’t go on vegan travels at the moment, we can still appreciate the world from afar. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve compiled 5 more great photos of the world, taken by the folk of Instagram. We’ve got islands, sunrises and so much more to show you.

Ready? Let’s go!


Starting our Travel Tuesday is a wonderful shot of the Lofoten skerries of Norway. Taken by @bernhard_edmaier_photography, this photo exemplifies a timeless sense of beauty to be found in the unspoiled parts of nature. The textures of the skerries look so nice when contrasted with the deep hues of the waters surrounding them.



@ninevnine presents a lovely post-rain shot of some mountains from Thailand’s Phetchaburi Province. We’re loving how misty, tree-covered mountains have this arced curve to them, and how they loom above the pointed, linear trees below. There’s a sense of mystery to this photo, only enhanced by the uncertainty of where in the Phetchaburi province this is. Exploring unique and mysterious places is a part of travel that we truly miss nowadays.



Ta Prohm comes alive in this photo by @sirdustinlucas.travels. This temple in Cambodia is famous for how nature had fully taken over its historic structure, with tree roots and other vegetation wrapping the temple and giving it a living, vibrant aesthetic despite its ruined state. In this photo, we see how the wondrous architecture of an ancient civilization is complemented by the natural world that has reclaimed it, a unity that was preserved by the people who first rediscovered the temple.



@worldexplorer_tourismpromoter presents a wonderful shot of the Zavratnica Inlet in Croatia. From this vantage point we can fully appreciate the scope of the Velebit Mountains, their stony slopes almost blue in the rising (or is it fading?) light of the sun. The boat that sails on the inlet highlights the size of this inlet even further, while the purplish-orange sky completes the image of a place that we’d love to visit in the future. Would you like to go here one day?


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Last up is this great shot of a Himalayan pass by @shutter_khor. Here we see various mountain slopes beneath the same vibrant sky, yet with differing hues due to their distance. There’s an almost storybook-like quality to this kind of natural coloring, a sense of whimsy and wonder that could make somebody’s day. The Himalayas have always been in our travel itineraries, and this shot just makes us yearn for it more.

That’s it for this Travel Tuesday. Be sure to visit us next week for more photos. When it’s safe to travel again, why not join in on our weekly celebration? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos. You might even be featured in our blog someday.

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