How are you today? Are you just itching for a chance to glimpse far-off places, locales of splendor and awe from around the world? Well, let our Travel Tuesday blog satisfy you!

Each week, we compile five great destination photos from Instagram, places that remind us of the endless possibilities to be had beneath the endless sky. Although we can’t go on vegan cruises and travel far and wide right now, we can still admire all the world has to offer.

Excited? Let’s go!


First up is this shot from Koh Rong Island by @ seagarden_koh_ta_kiev. It’s been a while since we’ve been to some beaches, from white sand stretches dotted with colorful umbrellas to quiet shores that belie beautiful corals beneath the waves. We’re particularly struck by the interplay between the wispy, almost moving sky and the puddles of water vaguely reflecting it from the shore. It conveys a sense of scope and the seeming endlessness of the beach’s horizon, a feeling that no image can easily replicate.



@gonguralvur presents this breathtaking landscape shot of one of the Faroe Islands in Denmark, a grassy field surrounding a deeply-blue body of water as sheets of clouds seem to unroll out of a distant hill’s peak. This travel photo is almost like a painting, with a more solid texture on the ground and an almost watercolor-like pattern above. Oh, how it would feel to walk through the grass, feeling the wind blow around us as the clouds overhead fly towards the horizon!



The lakeside dusk of Keizer, Oregon is immortalized in @911ldm’s scenic photo. A lot of our travel photos showcase reflective lakes and other bodies of water, returning the visage of the sky back to it. Here, our usual trend in photo selection is contextualized by a series of houses near the body of water, houses that seem to float between the clouds of two skies. The mirror is a way for one to see oneself beyond our own mental assumptions, and what is a lake but a great mirror, with all that entails?



Moraine Lake looks alive in @nadinehoyt’s travel photo, a deep blue body of water that contrasts with the sun-kissed white peaks above it. We’re loving the interplay of natural colors in this photo, a mix of warm and soft hues that convey a clear picture of a pure slice of the natural world. We can only imagine the crisp, fresh air that can be felt in this great travel destination.



Our final Travel Tuesday pic is this shot of the Mornington Peninsula, a photo depicting grass and cloud and waters yet again, but still ever so different. This @beckytiffanyturner shot conveys a sense of vastness and familiarity, like a favorite public park or a path towards school that one frequents. We’ve missed going on long walks, and the smell of the sea has almost faded from our memory. Photos of far-off places like this remind us of what awaits after this global ordeal finally passes.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday this week. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of photos from around the world via Instagram. If its safe to travel again, why not join in on our weekly celebration? Simply add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a blog one day.

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