Although we cannot go on vegan travel vacations right now, we can still admire the world’s beauty from afar, from the safety of our own houses. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.
This week, we’ve selected 5 more great destination photos from the various folk of Instagram, places that give us a yearning for a time in the future when we can travel freely once again. Tomorrow can sometimes be immediate or far away, but what’s sure is that we’ll get there eventually.


Here’s to a fresh morning! @khanaldpak presents this lovely morning photo of a great forest in Machhegaun. When we mean “great” forest, we don’t necessarily mean size (although believe us, we’ve been to some seemingly-endless woods before.) A great forest evokes a sense of wonder and natural beauty, and the crimson hues between the rays of sunshine in this photo embody the greatness that we’re referring to. If you’re able to walk in a forested area, be sure to smell the fresh air.



Napali Coast comes alive in this wonderful photo by @worldfrommycamera_rami. There’s three layers of beauty to unpack here. First is the shimmering azure waters of Hawaii below, followed by the multicolored hills and cliffs, and topped by the wispy, vaguely stormy sky. Nature has many faces, from placid to beautiful to seemingly ominous, and this travel photo captures these myriad forms of Mother Earth fully.



@mschach_18 presents our next pick for this week, with another early morning photo of the Utah plains. Just look at that horizon! While we do adore a sunset, we also adore a beautiful sunrise that’s subtle in its presentation of the sun’s radiance. Here, we see that the dawn is a soft, meaningful transition from the sereneness night into the brightness of day, a soft change that makes this photo distinct from others of its kind.



Isla Incahausi stands on a great salt flat, a former island in Bolivia. In @fedeantunano’s photo, we see that it is literally an island of vegetation in a vast, almost empty plain of salt. We’ve seen many unusual and fascinating locales in our forays through Instagram, but this is most certainly one of the most unique.


@travella89 concludes our Travel Tuesday with a series of photos depicting Canmore, Alberta, a place that you can almost feel just by looking. From the crisp air to the clean waters, we’re sure that this locale must feel refreshing to walk in. The great views of the mountains are pretty great too. When this pandemic subsides, you’ll be sure to find some of us backpacking again.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of great destination photos. When it’s safe to travel far and wide again, why not join in on our weekly celebration? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos and you might get featured in a blog.

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