What do you look forward to each week? A Discord or Zoom meeting with friends? The next episode of your favorite TV show? The chance to flex your skills each night and make great vegan cuisine for dinner? Whatever the case, there must be something that gives you the drive to move forward. Our Travel Tuesday blog believes in giving people hopes and plans for the future, which is why we still compile great Instagram photos of locales around the world. We’re not alone in this, and it’s always good to look forward to a future where you can explore the world once more.

Ready? Let’s go!


Let’s start with a bird’s eye view of the Himalayas, courtesy of @way_of_the_wind. It’s interesting how the snow atop these imposing mountains, long considered to be “the roof of the world” look so similar to the veins of leaves. They even look like leafless white trees, to an extent, the sheer height of the airplane changing the feel that the Himalayas gives off. When you look at things from a different perspective, sometimes their beauty doesn’t change. However, what does change is how you see that beauty: at ground level, the Himalayas are beautiful for their sheer size. Above the clouds, they are beautiful for their similarity to some of nature’s most delicate facets.



From highlands to (comparatively) low lands, @sycamoreoutdoors presents this sideways glance of Mount Tahoe, Nevada. While the lake itself isn’t focused on in this particular picture (although we do see the vivid blue of its waters), this photo showcases the lush green of the forests that surround it. The sky itself is very “lake-like” in its deep hue and coloring. One of these days, once the quarantines end and the pandemic subsides, we’d love to go jogging in this area.



It’s been a while since we showcased an urban area in our blog. @_travel_around_the_planet presents this lovely perspective shot of Valletta, Malta. We’re loving the architectural details of the buildings, plus the coloring of the balconies reminds us so much of cookie boxes, or telephone booths. There’s a level of whimsy to this particular photo, with an underlying sense of loss, as evident by the empty streets and the gray clouds over the almost-pastel hues of the buildings. As much as we would love to explore the natural world again, we also yearn to immerse ourselves in the urban landscapes of other countries and cultures.


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// It was a sunny august, as we entered the valley. There were ample colours. No, not the fading summer sunsets. Not the greenish green mountains. Not the crimson of the falling apples. Not the last yellowing flicker of heat, before massive grays and frenzied rains. But, human colours. The colour of an uncompromising laugh, between flashes of the camera. The colour of feeling tiny, in overwhelming vastness. The colour of the dreamy stare, into the bluest of skies, for those 5 extra seconds. The colour of fleeting eyes and sheepish grins, of people in love. Observe just, would you? #allinourheads . . . . . . . . #wander #travel #tripotocommunity #cntraveler #onehimachal #onehimachalspiti #abhiandnow #devilonwheels #spiti #spitivalley #spitivalleydiaries #incredibleindia #incrediblespiti #streetsofhimalayas #himachal #himachalpradesh #kmhoe #jannatehimachal #hippieinhills #himalayan #himalayangirls #lonelyplanetindia #trekwithme #himachalglimpse #jibhiwanderlust #himalayantg #lahaulspiti #liveandlettravel #writersofinstagram

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While one of our previous photo picks presented the Himalayas from above, @all.in.our.heads presents the region from a ground level view, and it is stunning. This vale in Himachal Pradesh is such a visual feast, from the unique shade of green grass, to the wispy clouds kissing the rocky slopes, to the palpably bright blue sky that compliments the hues of the valley. Oh, how great it must be to walk through this valley, the cold air contrasting with the shining light of the sun above.



@medwithpurns’s shot of Wadi Rum concludes our Travel Tuesday, a sandstone landscape of rocky crags in Jordan. Also known as the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum is a place of historic and modern beauty, as evident in this collection of photos. We just love the detail of the wing-like clouds spreading up in the sky, as the orange granite rocks rise above the flat sand below. Be sure to add this locale to your future travel itineraries: Who wouldn’t pass on the chance to visit a place called the Valley of the Moon?

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of great Instagram photos. When it’s safe to travel abroad again, you can participate in our weekly celebration of travel by adding the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future Instagram travel photos. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog.

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