We’re itching for a vegan travel experience but until this pandemic ends, we’ll just have to hunker down and wait. This doesn’t mean we are bored at home, as we are still dreaming of adventures. You can join us on our Travel Tuesday blog, where we check out great photos by the folks of IG, photos that depict that various locales of the world that are worth visiting one day. We’ve got open vistas and serene waterways, hard stones and soft sheets of snow.

Interested? Let’s jump right in!


@lowmkl presents a portrait of serenity with their image of a calm body of water in Egypt. Unlike some of our previous Travel Tuesday picks, this body of water is not perfectly mirror-like. However, the faint ripples visible on the water convey a sense of motion that turns this static frame into something dynamic, a sign that life continues, just like the trees contrasting with the sand dunes in the foreground.



Tunnel Beach is a place in New Zealand, where a human-made cave leads down to the titular beach. This travel photo, courtesy of @ccayde, however, shows not the beach itself but the grass-covered place above the cliffs, overlooking the expanse of the sea. There is an ambient sense of melancholy to be felt in this photo, from the empty pathway to the way the green hues seem saturated by the grayness above, but that’s just us. What do you feel about this photo?



Here’s a vivid photo of Mount Hood by @supriyadventures, depicting the mountain’s visage in the crisp clean air. We like to bring up color contrasts a lot in our descriptions of images, but we just can’t help describing what’s really noticeable. The light green of the young pines, the deep green of the old ones, the cloudless blue of the sky, and the unrelenting slopes of white snow. All of these together create the great image that we see here.



Two icy places in a row! @neilcamilleri85 presents a mountain shot taken from the town of Akureyri in Iceland. While mountains are difficult to ignore, this particular set of mountains almost looks like they’re trying to camouflage, with a primarily whitish-blue color scheme that blends with the overcast clouds. The intricate details of the slopes only barely suggest the true size of these mountains, far away across a rippling body of water.


If there’s one thing that nature photos really capture, it’s a sense of scale. @new_zee presents our final Travel Tuesday pick, a wondrous photo of an Australian sunrise, or is it sunset? What we do know is the sheer size of the world around the human figure in the photo, perched precariously on the sun-kissed stone as the light approaches (or recedes from, if it is approaching dusk) the landscape before her. It’s photos like this that make us miss traveling the world.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of IG photos to give you ideas for your planned itineraries. When it’s safe to travel abroad again, why not join in our weekly celebration? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel photos, and you might even be featured in a future blog post.

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