How are you holding up there? We hope that you’re all safe and sanitized. While we can’t be free to explore the world like we’re used to, we can always prepare for a future vegan travel itinerary by scouting out great travel destination photos, like the ones we collect on our website. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve gathered 5 travel destination photos of scenic locales that we’re adding to our planned travel itineraries. We’ve got mountains, waterfalls and more.

Excited? Let’s jump right in.


Let’s start with a semi-familiar sight, that of the Grand Canyon by @brian.v. However, like most of our daily lives at the moment, the Grand Canyon here looks a bit different, with a washed-out coloring (owing to the distance of the shot taken), but is still the same Grand Canyon. Most of us are familiar with the vivid orange hue of the rocks, but in this shot, the colors of the canyons seem muted, almost ashen, yet don’t seem dull or less lively. Even if things look different than how they usually are, that doesn’t mean that life is completely unfamiliar. Sometimes we just have to wait for the light to change.



Next up is a shot of Toro Warkhu Waterfall by @daniel.huarita. At a glance, this waterfall looks quite small, like a stream of water falling down a rift in the earth. However, the actual waterfall itself is actually quite high, with the sound of the echoing cascade of water bouncing off the jagged stone walls. The thing about distances is that they make things not close to us seem tinier than they truly are. That is, until we get closer, and see how bigger and more fascinating the once-distant places actually are.


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@crahardja presents this serious image of Milford Sound, New Zealand. Although the lighting may seem ominous (just look at that grass. It looks more intimidating than the overcast sky.), Milford Sound is actually teeming with life. This fiord is home to numerous aquatic animals, such as dolphins, whales, seals and even penguins. Despite the seemingly dire appearance of current events, life still persists, and can even thrive.



Up next is @marissssa_b’s photo of Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland, a great body of water flanked by fields of grass. There’s always an element of seeming when it comes to waterfall pictures, or just waterfalls in general. In this image it seems small, but is actually quite big. If you close your eyes near a waterfall’s end, where your ears can hear the river falling down and your skin can feel the drizzle that results from that, it seems like it is raining. Based on this photo, it looks like it will rain soon, at least in the timeframe that the photo was taken.



Our final pick for this Travel Tuesday is a shot of the Tantra Mountains by @francescopetardi, catching the sun’s rays on their slopes as they stand above a hilly forest. As the human world is in the grips of the outbreak, the natural world continues to glow with its own sense of beauty. The mountain has long been used to symbolize the unyielding spirit of the individual, so a mountain range must symbolize a group that does not bow to any sort of hardship. One of the first thing’s we’ll do once it’s safe to travel far and wide again is to climb a mountain, and see the sun rise while atop its slopes.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday blog this week. Visit us next week for a fresh batch of photos. If you want to participate in our weekly celebration when it’s safe to travel once again, don’t forget to add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your IG travel photos. Maybe your image will be featured in a future blog.

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