The vastness of the sky unites the many peoples of the world beneath its ever-shifting hues. In these interesting times, it is good to see the reassuring cycles of day and night, the sun and moon still illuminating the world. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve chosen 5 Instagram travel photos that spark a longing to adventure when the skies clear, when the world becomes ideal for vegan travel again. We’ve got ancient islands, deep valleys and high mountains for you to admire.

Let’s hop right to it.


First up for this week is an airplane view of the Andes Mountains, or Cordilleras de los Andes of South America, pictured by @sebasmf_photography. Here we see the textured peaks of the mountains fade together with a few wispy clouds and the misty horizon. Do you remember the first time that you rode an airplane, the first time you ever went higher than the clouds, seeing the places that you’re familiar with become shapes in a world that seemed smaller now that you’re far away from it? An airplane ride through the tallest natural landmarks of the world can put one’s life into perspective.



Next up is the verdant shape of the Hawaiian island of Molokai, courtesy of @hawaiifix. Here we see pure cerulean waters contrast with vivid green cliffs, while a white cloud overlooks them both. There is no visible human structure in this photo, with the only suggestion of human activity coming from the photographer themself, out of frame. When an image of nature is without a living creature, it appears almost timeless, a place untouched by human hands. Of course, we know that places such as this are visited by tourists, but not right now. Maybe soon, some other day in the future.



Our next Tuesday pic is by @fred_eric_s, presenting Rocky Mountain and Diamond Lake, New Zealand. Here we see the rugged slopes interspersed with flat green plains and placid lake surfaces, an almost undulating landscape that differs so much from the rigid lines shapes of cities that we usually live in. New Zealand has always been admired as a scenic destination, and we hope that things get better soon so that we can visit its vistas once more.



Our fourth pick for this Tuesday is by @bryan.mery.24, presenting the iconic visages of the Easter Island Statues. There are multiple Moai statues across the island, but most are concentrated around the Rano Raraku crater. These solemn stone faces are the legacy of the aboriginal Polynesians that dwell here, and despite their aesthetic beauty, respect should be given to these structures if anyone visits the island.



@bigdudephotos presents our final Tuesday pic, a magnificent sunset shot of Bryce Canyon National Park. Here we see the earthen colors of the spire-like stones basking in the shining orange glow of the evening clouds. Although it is brightest at noon, the day is most colorful at its beginning and end. As this Tuesday concludes, remember the beautiful sunsets that still grace places like Bryce Canyon, the dusks that bring color at the end of every day.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday. Be sure to tune in next week for a fresh batch of IG photos to admire and be inspired by. You can participate in our weekly celebration by adding the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future travel ventures. You might even get featured in our blog one day.

Tune in for our upcoming Danube River Cruise. Some time in the future, we’ll explore the great cities of Europe on a luxurious vegan cruise.

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