Each day is a new day, a chance to see the sunshine kiss the world beyond your window. In the not too distant future we will see you on a luxurious culinary cruise, but for now, you can admire this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

This week, we’ve chosen 5 scenic locales that you can add to your future travel itineraries. We’ve got calm waters, lush cliff sides and more mirrored images of the sky.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.


Let’s begin with a serene view of Byers Lake, Alaska, courtesy of @classysassyfun. Being close to a body of water is considered to be calming and healthy. No wonder we like pictures of lakes, oceans and other bodies of water so much. With that said, the upright shapes of the distant trees and the solemn ridges of the even farther mountains compliment the rippling surface of this Alaskan lake. Nature is born not from singularity, but the interaction of so many different factors, like wind and water, or forests and lakes.


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@breatheparadisee presents our next pic, showcasing Bora Bora from the air. Windows are like the frames of moving paintings, and as we all know, plane rides turn the places that we know into distant specks, putting yourself in perspective. Here, in this photo, we see the corals, shores and jagged slopes of Bora Bora from a plane-view. One of these days, we hope to touch down on this scenic island and bask in the sun.



Next up is @mount4nn’s photo of Bled Island, Slovenia. Here you can see the interplay of colors between the glassy blue of the lake with the verdant, almost autumn-colored hues of the forests that surround it. From this distant vantage point the bell tower looks almost drowned by the natural world around it, yet at the same time, the island itself does not look diminished. Rather, the sheer size of the landscape around it shows the preciousness of that mote of civilization, of humans in general amidst the vastness of the world.



New Zealand is often characterized by its verdant plains, but this photo by @k.b.m_photography presents one of its cliffs, almost from a worm’s eye view. Here we can see the tree-covered mountain face looks almost like a stone covered in moss. We’ve noticed how our choices for this week remind us of the sheer scale of nature, of how big everything truly is.


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Lake Ontario

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Our Travel Tuesday blog concludes with @butiwashere’s photo of Lake Ontario’s sunset, a vivid twilight overshadowing the ever-moving waves. Each day begins with the sunshine kissing the world, and each day ends with the sunlight kissing the world goodbye. Goodbye’s can be bittersweet, but hey, there’s always another day.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday blog this week. Be sure to visit us next week for new IG photos to admire. You can participate in our Travel Tuesday in the future by adding the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your future Instagram travel blogs. Your photos might get featured in one of our blogs one day.

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