To plan for the future is not to deny the present, but to believe that what is now is not forever, that the winter shall give way to spring. Welcome to this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

For this week, we’ve chosen 5 vibrant photos taken by the people of Instagram, pics of destinations that we’d love to add to our vegan travel itinerary. Our selection includes colorful sands, verdant woods and contemplative bodies of water, places worth visiting in a more serene time.

Ready? Let’s dive right in.


Our first pick belongs to @danielkordan, presenting the ethereal woods of Fanal Madeira. These woodlands are almost always under the cover of fog, creating a mystical atmosphere that reminds many travelers of a fairy tale, the aesthetically-unique trees rising out of the white. While there may be no Narnia to escape into, there are places like Fanal Madeira that make it seem like we can walk into dreams.



There’s something about this image by @charmedbynatureart that interests us. This photo of an Escazu plantation seems to contrast the serene green with the darkening clouds above. Coupled with the lack of people on the road, except maybe the photographer, this photograph seems to represent both wanderlust and melancholy. Even when the skies overhead are gloomy, the Earth still opens its leaves to the sun.



@jacob absolutely nails it with their photograph of the Valley of Fire in Nevada. Just look at those lively orange hues! Despite the relative lack of vegetation, this valley looks absolutely alive, as if inflamed by the adventurous spirit of the people who pass through it. We’d love to experience this colorful landscape first-hand one day.



There’s no shortage of mirrored lakes in our catalogue of travel photos, but that doesn’t mean each one isn’t great in its own right. Take this photo of the Pineview Reservoir by @asweheadwest, for instance. While the body of water itself is shaped like a huge diving bird (check it out on Google), the reservoir here only shows a mirrored sky, bereft of birds. There’s a metaphor there somewhere, but either way, it’s nice to see a clean body of water beneath an equally clean sky.


Up there in the Arctic, the world seems different and Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland (said to be the happiest nation in the world) looks almost otherworldly in this photo by @nordicpackrafter. Here we see the shimmering green of the aurora dancing in a night sky festooned with stars, a lightshow so far away from the cities that we’ve grown familiar with in the modern world. Travel is a great way to experience something new, and one day, we’d love to journey to this serene reminder of nature’s beauty.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday. Tune in next week for a fresh selection of photos from the explorers of IG. If you want to participate in our weekly celebration, be sure to add #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your next IG travel photo. You might even get featured in a future blog.

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