How’s it going, you wonderful travel enthusiasts? We’re back for another edition of our #TravelTuesday blog! When we’re not busy admiring (and devising!) great vegan cuisine, we are compiling wonderful travel photos from the wanderlusting people of Instagram. We believe that the right image can brighten up your day, be it a cute puppy, a dream destination, or even a shaky selfie taken by the one you love. With that in mind, we hope that our top 5 travel picks for this week will put a spring in your step and a flutter in your heart. The world is truly a beautiful place.

Are you ready? Let’s dive right in!


Let’s open up this week’s selection with a gorgeous shot of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar, courtesy of @provoyagerpics. This beautiful gilded structure is a stupa, a Buddhist structure where important relics are kept. This photo captures the golden glow of the pagoda beneath the violet hues of the Myanmar sunset, an image that we would dare call sublime because of its aesthetic beauty.



The night sky lets us see the stars beyond the world, but light pollution can obscure the wonderful vistas of the cosmos. Here we get a glimpse of a starry, starry night in Elqui Valley, Chile, in a spot unperturbed by urban radiance. Shot by @calletonio, this wonderful travel photo makes us wish that the skies of the world would be a little less polluted, so that we could enjoy the beauty of the countless stars beyond the atmosphere.



The crimson sands of Monument Valley, Arizona contrasts sharply with the cloudless blue sky, the flatness of the horizon broken by the rising shape of a butte, an imposing sight that puts the vehicle trudging through the dirt into perspective. @bernardodelosrios presents this theatrical image of the Colorado Plateau, a locale of waterless sand below an endless vista of blue. We can see why this place is used in a lot of Western films.



Our next pick is by @leaveyourdailyhell, presenting Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park with this artistic shot. Here we can see another violet sunset, but this time gracing a perspective view of a set of stairs leading to a valley. There’s something introspective about this image, something that makes it more than just a photo depicting a distant place to visit. Maybe it’s the stairs, or the scenic sunset. Either way, this photo feels inspiring and encourages us to try visiting New Zealand.



Our final Travel Tuesday photo for the week is a shot from Mount Pulag Summit, Philippines.
@pinoyoutdoorwarrior presents this candid photo of a world above the clouds, where the sun kisses the mountain slopes with a wondrous glow. The dawn is always a beautiful thing to see, and witnessing the return of the sun after a dark night is such a hopeful scene. We can assure you that watching the sunrise atop a mountain is an unforgettable experience.

With that, we conclude our Travel Tuesday. Be sure to visit us next week for a new set of great travel photos. Interested in participating in our weekly celebration of world adventures? Add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your next great IG travel photo, and your images might get showcased in a future blog.

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