There’s a certain magic to travel photography. When you look at a picture depicting a distant destination, you begin to see an entirely new perspective. You realize that there’s a whole lot of world to explore beyond the confines of your home. Each travel photo is like an invitation to visit unfamiliar places that are just waiting for travelers like you. Welcome to this week’s #TravelTuesday blog, where we celebrate the wonder of great travel photography. This week, we’ve chosen five new travel photos taken by the wonderful vacationers, tourists and adventurers of Instagram. Feel inspired to go on vegan travels with our selection!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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Missing the summer sunrises.🌅

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@Davidstadas kickstarts this week’s blog selection with a serene shot of Lost Lake, Oregon.
There’s a certain melancholy to be felt in this travel photo, a sense of understated beauty that makes one feel wistfulness at nature’s beauty. Here, the icy slopes of Mount Hood can be seen reflected in the placid surface of the lake, a vast mirror that provokes a sense of wonder in us.



Most of our castle photo choices only cover the outside of the structure, but this week, @laurentglorieux provides these great interior shots of Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark. This palace was once the summer abode of the royal family of Denmark and Norway in earlier centuries, but is now the site of the Royal Danish Military Academy. These photos only show a small portion of this Danish palace’s inner beauty, but the textured, Baroque aesthetic of this particular hall is more than enough to show why this was a summer residence fit for royalty.


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The Cape Romano Dome House is an abandoned house consisting of six dome-shaped modules on stilts, located approximately 300 feet offshore from Cape Romano Island (as of 2019), south of Marco Island, in the Ten Thousand Islands of Collier County, Florida. It was constructed in 1980 by retired businessman Bob Lee, abandoned in 1992, and sold in 2005 to John Tosto. The structure was never meant to be accessible by boat, and has no landings or docking facilities. While originally built on Morgan Island and would technically be referred to as the "Morgan Island Dome Home", erosion had filled in the small natural channel (Morgan Pass) between both Morgan and Cape Romano and cut that land from Morgan Island. This resulted in the home being on a different island than where it was originally built. Furthermore, continuous erosion to the barrier islands in this area has resulted in the home sitting out in the water with the closest island being Cape Romano. Hence, the "Cape Romano Dome Home". . . . . . . . . . . . . . #floridashelling #floridashelling #shellingflorida #caperomano #10kislands #10000islands #tenthousandislands #domehome #lovefl #morganisland #weirdflorida #travel #travelphotography #florida #swfl #southwestflorida #houses #vacationhouses #floridahistory #gulfcoast #marcoisland #floridalife #floridaphotographer #floridabeaches #wow #cool #housesoverwater #hutsoverwater #vacationdestination

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Next up is this shot of the fascinating dome modules in cape Cape Romano, Florida by @florida_shelling. Once the home of a businessman and his family, this peculiarly-shaped house was struck by hurricanes and erosion, and after changing hands a few times, it was finally abandoned and left to linger off the coast of Cape Romano Island. Now, its sunken segments are home to hundreds of fish, while the surviving domes above water provide an interesting travel attraction while visiting Florida.


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Ésta es sin duda una de las ciudades más bonitas que hemos visitado. Allí se respira un aire especial, a tranquilidad; es como sacada de un cuento y donde el tiempo parece haberse detenido. Hicimos un #freetour con @buendiatours muy recomendable, nos explicaron cada rincón y pasamos una día genial. . . . #Brugge #brujas #belgica🇧🇪 #belgium #flandes #lugaresconencanto #lugaresquever #ilovetravel #viajaresvivir #visiteurope #travelcouple #travellingthroughtheworld #hdrphotography #hdr_oftheworld #ok_hdr #hdr_europe #topeuropephoto #travel_drops_ #travel_drops #viajandoporelmundo #lugaresconencanto #picoftheday #beautifulplaces #descubriendoelmundo #wonderfuldestinations #world_master_hdr #cvtravelers #ig_europe #travelphotography #repostandoomundo #travelcouple

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Venice is not the only canal city in Europe. @elrinconders presents this lovely travel photo of Bruges, Belgium, showcasing the earthen colors of this particular set of buildings beneath a gray sky. We just love seeing the brickwork of old European buildings, the architectural remnants of older centuries. Despite the primarily brown color palate, this travel photo still feels considerably vibrant and lively.



Our final pick for this Food Friday belongs to @tales.of.the.wild, showcasing the stunning marble caves in Patagonia, Chile. Here you can see the hard, immobile blues of the cave contrast with the fluid, rippling hue of the water below it. Located in the General Carrera Lake of Patagonia, this tourist locale really shows how varied the many possible travel destinations of the world are.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday this week. Itching for more great travel photos? Visit us next week for a new batch of curated travel photos for your viewing leisure. Interested in participating in our weekly celebration of all things #travel? Simply add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your great travel photos, and maybe they’ll be featured in a future blog.

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