Winter is almost over, and Spring is almost here! How was your Valentine’s Day, excited travelers? Interested in going on a vegan cruise? Or are you still looking for a great vacation destination to visit with your loved ones? If so, then look no further than our #TravelTuesday blog!

For those uninitiated, our Travel Tuesday blog is dedicated to the great travel destinations of the world, as captured in the images of the great travel photographers of Instagram. This week, we’ve chosen 5 great travel photos that we feel are awesome places for a February vacation, from European cities to Southeast Asian destinations.
Without further ado, let’s begin!


Let’s start off with a shot by @ohhhhh.ohs, presenting the great stone hands of the Golden Bridge in Vietnam. This tourist destination can be found in the Ba Na Hill station, overlooking the Annamese Mountain Range. With kind hands providing support, we’d feel safe and cared for if we ever walk this bridge, maybe even hand-in-hand with our loved ones!



Segwaying to a locale beneath a similarly-blue sky, this photo of Budapest, Hungary by @vicvic323 looks absolutely magical! We love the contrast between the golden glow of city lights with the approaching dusk, as if to show that despite dark times, there will always be happiness to be found. The capital of Hungary is truly a city to visit and our New Year’s Eve cruise on the Danube is the perfect opportunity.



Let’s check out another great European city! These shots of Brussels, Belgium by @mihaicardis are magnificent, showcasing great spots in the city under the light of day and the peace of night. The night photo in particular feels quite ethereal, the lights playing off the buildings with a ghostly glow. With a rich history in art and architecture, Brussels is a certain spot in any European travel itinerary.



@pete242.bln presents this great feat of green architecture. The Bosco Verticale towers of Milano, Italy were designed with trees and shrubbery, in order to combat smog and carbon monoxide. The result is an aesthetically stunning blend of modern architecture and natural wonder. We’d love to tour the halls and balconies of this building one day.



Our final pick is from @lifestyletravel2020, showcasing the vivid blue waters of Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor in the Philippines. Here you can see how nature can be absolutely stunning when you take care of it, the sky hue of the natural pool a testament to the lack of pollutants in that particular area. As Spring is fast approaching, it’ll be great to feel warmth from the sun once again.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday blog for the week. Be sure to check us out next week for five new travel photos to admire. Interested in participating in our weekly celebration of travel? Add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your next great travel photo. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future Travel Tuesday blog!

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