When it comes to vegan travel, we cherish adventures that let us feel the sweat on our brows, but some days we just want to go to places that allow us to relax. Our #TravelTuesday blog is dedicated to great travel photography from the exciting galleries of travelers on Instagram. This week, we’ve chosen travel pics of places that look relaxing to visit, from ancient temples to national parks.

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Our first Travel Tuesday pick is a (literal!) landscape shot of the Old Silk Route by @ayan_s_photography. This ancient travel route served as a bridge that connected the East and West, promoting the exchange of goods and cultures between the various civilizations of antiquity. Just looking at this photo is enrapturing, and we hope to visit this route of ancient trade and cultural exchange one day.



@__nithinvp__ presents the next travel photo, a frontal shot of the Maharishi Vashisth Temple in India. Just look at that detailed architecture! This popular tourist destination contains a hot spring that is said to have been born from an arrow striking the ground to warm the area for meditation. The spring in question may not be present in this travel photo, but knowing about it sure does add to the tranquil feel of this great image.



Let’s travel from the mountains to the shores with this travel photo by @theworldtraveler433. This splendid shot of one of the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand has a lot of texture, from the verdant trees above the cliffs to the rippling blue waters contrasting with the white shore. Getting a bit of sunshine is essential to one’s health. We hope that you’re getting the right amount of sunshine, too.



@the.traveling.sun presents our next travel pick. In these shots, Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park looks both lush and lonely, a contradictory austerity that reminds us of evocative paintings. The cloudless sky feels like a vast presence, even vaster than the mountains, and the lack of human figures provides such a beautiful sense of desolation. We just love these travel photos.


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1000-year-old temple.

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Our final Travel Tuesday pick is by @krstlncl, with a great shot of an archway in Bagan, Myanmar. The age and majesty of this ancient Pagan city is accented by @krstlncl herself, the image showing her wandering through its historic streets in a way that reminds us of a book cover. With this image of wonder, we conclude our Travel Tuesday.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday blog for this week. Be sure to tune in next week for five new travel photos to inspire you on your future adventures. Want to participate in our weekly celebration? Simply hashtag your IG travel photos with #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan. You might get featured in a future blog, inspiring others with your adventures.

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