Vegan Culinary Cruises’ #TravelTuesday blog returns! We’re always passionate about vegan food, but do you know what else we love? Travel! Each week, we compile 5 great travel photos from the galleries of Instagram, to celebrate the beauty of exploring the world and the endless search for new experiences. This week, we’ve gathered photos whose colors, concepts and general vibes fill us with wonder, from the serene streets of Korea to the bustling waterways of Mexico.

Ready? Let’s explore!


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You give me grace

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Ever tried “forest-bathing,” a Japanese form of therapy where people take in a forest’s calming atmosphere to heal themselves? This great photo by @itsmecheryl24 reminds us of this practice, because her visual window into the Muir Woods National Monument of California looks both stunning and utterly peaceful. We love how the light plays on the woody textures of the forest path, and the serenity that the trees seem to exude. If we ever try forest bathing, we’ll surely remember who helped inspire us to do so.



Look at those colors! The city of Shimla, India comes alive in this photo posted by @beautyworldonline. The capital of Himachal Pradesh region, this high-altitude city hosts several great tourist destinations, like the Kalka-Shimla Railway Line, and was once the summer capital of British-controlled India. Filled with history, Shimla is a unique place for a tourist getaway.


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Speaking of colors, these Mexican canal boats are just bursting with vibrance! @ricaardogaytan captures the hectic yet festive atmosphere of Xochimilco, a borough in Mexico City that hosts trajineras, gondola-esque water vehicles that provide locals and tourists alike a unique experience. We can only imagine experiencing a celebration on one of these festive boats!



@ellatenen presents our next Travel Tuesday pick, with an imposing shot of Belem Tower in Lisbon, Portugal. This 16th Century structure was used for a variety of functions, from customs house to a military fortification. Now, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the most famous landmark in Lisbon’s Belem district, where voyagers in the age of exploration first embarked on their journeys.



Our final Travel Tuesday pick for this week is by @ericadams321, showcasing the carefully preserved village of Bukchon Hanok, South Korea. Located in Seoul, this traditional village is a glimpse into the heritage of old Korea, from the sloping alleys to the well-maintained hanoks (traditional Korean houses) that were first designed in the 14th century. A 600-year old heritage is perfectly captured in this wonderful travel photo.

That’s it for our Travel Tuesday blog this week. Be sure to tune in next week for 5 new travel photos to inspire you on your future journeys. Even better, why not celebrate the spirit of travel with us? Just add the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your next few IG travel photos. Who knows, you might get featured in one of our future Travel Tuesday blogs!

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