Happy New Year to all you avid travelers! This is the last #TravelTuesday of 2019, and in a few hours, we’ll be entering a new decade! Today, we’ve chosen 5 great travel photos from the wonderful photographers of Instagram. These locales remind us of all the new opportunities that the new year has to offer, from the city lights of Japan to the somber streets of Poland. Vegan travel has never been so much fun!

Let’s celebrate the new year together. Dive right in!


Kicking off our December 31st Travel Tuesday is this lovely photo of the Tamsui River by @travelsta_jh. This waterway can be founding winding along several metropolitan areas in Taiwan, as seen in this moonlit frame. The serenity of this travel photo is so calming, and feels like it brings good tidings for the future.



Next up is another great photo highlighting a body of water, a coastal picture by @_i.hate.selfies_. Cape Elizabeth is a coastal town in Maine, United States, and is home to several historic lighthouses. The lighthouse in this image is Portland Head Light, overlooking the vast expanse of water lit by the setting sun.



@illy.yana presents a night time travel photo of the Colosseum, a vast remnant of a bygone age in the center of Rome, Italy. Once known as a place of bloody sports events, the Colosseum today is now a placid and welcoming travel destination, the great arcades of the outer wall like the windows of a home. Visiting a historic landmark always feels greater when you spend it with the people you love so we recommend you plan a romantic getaway to this world famous structure.



Our fourth travel pick is of Warsaw, Poland, taken by @dubaj.interiordesign. This aesthetically masterful photo looks straight out of an art deco gallery, with the darkened facades of buildings giving way to the dawn at the end of the street, an artistic and somewhat symbolic design choice. Warsaw was nicknamed the Phoenix City for rising from its ruined state in World War 2, and now enjoys a reputation as a historic and metropolitan city in Europe.


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Our final Travel Tuesday pick of the year takes us to Osaka, a prosperous port city in Japan. In this lively photo by @kbawoo, we can see the metropolitan bounty of this Japanese destination, from the modest yet compact buildings to the bustling pedestrians and tourists on the bridge and riverboat. Such animated images truly inspire us to engage in the different cultural landscapes of the world. We hope that they inspire you too.

That concludes our #TravelTuesday for the year. On the first Tuesday of 2020, you can bet that we’ll be here with a fresh new set of great travel photos for you. Celebrate travel with us by adding the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan to your great #travel photos. You might even be featured in our 2020 Travel Tuesday blogs!

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