Christmas is upon us! Preheat your ovens and prepare your vegan recipes, because it’s a time to celebrate! With the holiday cheer in the air, celebrate the season of giving with us on this #TravelTuesday blog. Each week, we delve deep into the image galleries of Instagram to select the 5 best travel photos that the great travelers of IG have to offer. For this week, we’ve chosen photos that look like great holiday destinations, from forested locations to winter wonderlands. 

Ready for the holiday cheer? Let’s go!

Our first travel pick of the week is by @yuan_v_v_, presenting a gallery of stunning photos from the  Nanzhuang Yunshui Holiday Forest. Located in Taiwan, this pine forest surrounds a serene body of water, reflecting the various hues of the woods around it. There’s even a white piano to the side!

Our next photo choice is this imposing shot of the exterior of the Batu Caves in Malaysia. Photographed by @nandipolos, the golden statue guarding the cavern entrance is the Hindu war god Murugan. Past the colorful steps are the caverns, where several ancient shrines are located. The various shrines in this Malaysian holiday destination are quite an awe-inspiring sight. 

Italy is always a great vacation getaway. This travel photo by @lizblacklife encapsulates the subtle beauty of Florence. Lit by the soft light of the midday sun, the colors of this European city stand out against the pale blue sky. One day we’ll visit this historic destination and until then, we’ll admire this great photograph.

Who says the Christmas season has to be spent somewhere cold? @stm.ajeng’s photo of Atuh Beach in Bali, Indonesia shows an alternative getaway destination for the holidays. This remote cove, with its deep-blue water and scenic rock formations, is a great place to sun yourself during the winter season back home. 

Of course, for those who love the snow, there’s always a travel destination for you. Our final Travel Tuesday pick is by @traveller_club, displaying the German city of Wurzburg under a blanket of snow. We just love the storybook feel of this image, with the white-clad roofs contrasted with the piercing glow of the streetlamps. With this historic travel destination, we conclude this week’s Travel Tuesday blog.

Are you excited for Christmas? So are we! The holidays are always a cause for celebration. Celebrate travel with us by adding the hashtags #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan on your IG photos. You might even be featured in our next weekly blog post!

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Happy holidays, fellow travelers!