#TravelTuesday is here once again, this time with a fresh batch of #travel photos that will show you the wonder of distant travel destinations. When we’re not preparing a great culinary cruise, we’re admiring the potential places to which we can travel.

For the uninitiated, our Travel Tuesday blog is dedicated to the beauty of travel and each week we showcase 5 great travel photos from the great people of Instagram. This week’s selection takes us from the streets of Istanbul to the mountainsides of Spain.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!


Our first pick of the week is by @travelmaafushi2020, showcasing a beautiful stretch of beach on the island of Maafushi. The Maldives is known world-wide for its deep blue waters and bright white sand, two factors evident in this great drone shot. The tourists splashing this serene location with a ring of color is also a nice touch.



This shot by @heather___loughlin is taken from the Monasterio de Montserrat. This abbey in Spain is located atop Mount Montserrat, the surrounding mountain illuminated in this high-altitude photo. While this shot does not show the monastery in question, it does provide the stunning view you’d enjoy if you were there.



@lalic_by_the_sea presents a beautiful slice of the port city of Rijeka, Croatia. Here you can see the centuries-old bricks of buildings affixed with modern conveniences like air conditioning, while the balcony railing is bedecked with Christmas ornaments. The two people enjoying polite conversation amidst the soft Christmas lights is what anchors the beauty of this travel photo. It’s the human factor of this distant Croatian city.



The Tower of Galata is the highlight of the neighborhood of the same name, a quaint locale opposite Istanbul (which was once known as Constantinople). In @jnadoum’s shot, we can see this medieval building at the end of a long Galatan street, in a masterfully-arranged shot that really takes you in as if you were there.



This aerial shot of seaside town in Malta by @viaggiarelowcost is our final pick of the week. This photo has a primarily blue color scheme, with the faded hues of houses providing a quaint, rustic feel to the destination. Postcard-like in presentation, the image encourages us to visit this small Mediterranean archipelago.

Well, that’s it for this week’s #TravelTuesday blog. Be sure to visit next week, when we’ve prepared 5 new travel photos for you to admire. Better yet, celebrate travel with us! Add #TravelTuesday and #VacationingVegan to your own great #travel photos, and it might be showcased on our blog in a future Travel Tuesday.

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