It’s another exciting Tuesday for us because we get to present our weekly #TravelTuesday blog! Celebrate the wonder of travel with us as we provide you with 5 great travel photos from around the world.

Each week, we scour the galleries of Instagram for the best #travel pictures. Once we’ve curated our selection, we showcase our choices on this blog for your viewing pleasure. From the pleasant green trees of Singapore to the golden sands of Egypt, our picks of the week feel like paintings plucked from the artistic hand of nature itself.

Ready? Let’s go!


@_traveling_wonders_ presents a shot of Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains, veiled in icy mist and crowned by sun-kissed clouds. The hazy effect of the image enhances the dreamy feel of the mountains and really delivers how frigid yet beautiful the landscape is.



When one thinks of Egypt, the Pyramids of Giza usually come to mind. This travel photo by @carlos10rl_ presents one these great structures, its impressive structure backlit by the rays of the sun. Egypt truly is a place of ancient wonders. Come to think of it, the Nile would be a great place for a vegan travel cruise.


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Singapore – 1. The rest of the world – 0.

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We go from a destination of antiquity to a place of modern crossroads, the Jewel Changi Airport of Singapore. Courtesy of @theemurphy’s wonderful photo, we can see the naturalistic design philosophy that pervades this shopping complex/airport’s aesthetic, with an indoor wooded area surrounding an artistic waterfall (known as the Rain Vortex) that cascades from the latticework of the roof. Even a place of shopping and transit can be a beautiful destination in itself.



@the_diary_of_a_solivagant presents the Kye Gompa, or the Key Monastery of northern India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh near the Himalayas. This Tibetan Buddhist monastery has seen many hardships, from raids to fires to earthquakes over the centuries, yet in spite of this, it remains a place of meditation and worship. Situated more than 13,000 ft above sea level, the remoteness and austerity of the Kye Gompa is well-shown in this somber, almost contemplative photo.



Talk about an Instagrammable locale! @pallisd presents our final Travel Tuesday choice of the week, a drone-shot photo of the Corinth Canal in Greece. Connecting the Ionian and Aegean Seas, this body of water was the pet project of many ancient rulers, but was only finished in 1893. Here we can see the fruits of that labor, with four boats traveling from one end of the canal to the other, in a wonderfully-shot photo.

It’s the end of another Travel Tuesday, but next week, expect another 5 great travel destinations on our blog. You too can participate in our weekly tradition. Simply hashtag #traveltuesday and #vacationingvegan on your great IG travel photos. Your travel pic might even show up on our next #TravelTuesday blog.

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