Whether you’re on the road or on a plane to somewhere new and foreign, it’s always an adventure. And it’s twice the spice when you’re vegan in a foreign land. Certain places around the world may not be abundant with alternative culinary options, let alone vegan cuisine.

But don’t let food preferences get in the way of your travels. You can still see the world while keeping up with your lifestyle.

Here are some useful tips for your next vegan on holiday.

Visit grocery stores

The local grocery store where you’re visiting most likely sells organic produce, rice, oats, wheat, bread, and nuts. Pop a visit to the grocery store once in a while.

Choose a place with a kitchen

It’s crucial for vegans to carefully pick a place to stay with a kitchen. Even if the Airbnb you’re staying at might not have a kitchen (the chances of this are fairly slim), at least ensure there’s a refrigerator.

You can make your own meals using ingredients you bought from the grocery store, and keep your excess ingredients stored properly.

Pack food containers

If you’ve done your research and found that your next destination doesn’t have a vegan option, pack a couple of food containers. You can store light snacks in them, and take them wherever you go. Whenever you get hungry on a walking tour, you can always pull your small container of almonds out.

Go on a vegan cruise

But what could be a better vacation than embarking on an all-vegan cruise?

Imagine cruising through some of the world’s most majestic rivers, hopping on and off every new destination, experiencing a different culture, while still being able to maintain a vegan lifestyle. And to top it off, you get to live the experience with a community who shares your ideals.

vegan culinary cruise

Vegan cruises save you the trouble of packing your own snacks, worrying about a vegan option on the menu, and going to the nearest grocery store to stock up on produce, oats, and rice. At Vegan Culinary Cruises, an entire menu is a vegan option. How’s that for a relaxing vacation?

Go on vacation the way you’re meant to. Travel to the most beautiful sites like Provence via the Rhone River by booking a trip on our European vegan cruises.