Our happy enslavement to social media and its conveniences easily transported group activities into the digital space. Meeting like-minded people around the world can now be possible when you join groups on Facebook. But if you compare the level of interaction between meeting other vegans online and enjoying a vegan cruise with the same people, you’d find that the latter would be much more enjoyable.

Why are vegan cruises so enjoyable?

If you have been considering taking an adventure with Vegan Culinary Cruises but would like to know a bit more on what makes a vegan cruise so enjoyable, take a read of this brief testimonial from cruise devotee Kristina Dawson.

Kristina is in her mid-forties, has been vegan since February 2010, and was a vegetarian all her life before the change. She lives in the northeast of England where vegan options are improving all the time.

Kristina says, “The best parts of a vegan-specific holiday are being provided with food without having to ask any questions (unless of course, you have allergies/ intolerances). Until I went on the cruise, I hadn’t been abroad for over ten years, and since becoming vegan I had only gone on city breaks.”

“I enjoyed the vegan cruise I went on so much because I knew the majority of people were like-minded and I wouldn’t be bombarded with the usual questions – I’m sure I don’t need to include what they are. What I also liked about the cruise is the fact you can join in as little or as much as you like. You don’t feel at all pressured.”

vegan culinary cruise

We are with Kristina on this one. There are so many reasons why a vegan cruise is a perfect adventure but the cuisine is surely number one on any list!*

*Excerpt taken from Fat Gay Vegan: Eat, Drink, and Live Like You Give a Sh!t published by Nourish Books. Available online via Amazon.