There are few things in life as exciting as taking off on an overseas adventure. Whether you are river cruising through the south of France or hiking the Australian rainforest, nothing comes close to the thrill of exploring new horizons.

With the rise of vegan travel specialists, plant-based adventurers are also joining in on the fun of global jet setting.

Bespoke luxury adventures such as our cruises are designed to give the vegan traveler a perfect holiday experience without compromising their compassionate lifestyle.

Traveling with a non-vegan tour company could leave you feeling concerned that not everything you are experiencing is as kind as it could be, so you can come aboard a Vegan Culinary Cruise ship in the safe knowledge that we stringently vet every part of your experience to ensure it is vegan-friendly.

This includes the following:


The excursions we design for the onshore component of our cruises are curated with vegans in mind. You won’t be taken to the local meat and cheese market! Our guides are fully briefed and involved with the planning of each excursion meaning you will be in safe hands of a person who truly understands how important veganism is to you.


Every suite onboard our vessels are fitted out with top range vegan toiletries. This means that not only are the personal care products in your cabin free of animal by-products, but you can also feel relaxed knowing that they have not been tested on animals.


alcohol - vegan culinary cruise

Finding quality vegan wine to go with dinner can be a struggle when you are in an unfamiliar country, but traveling in style with Vegan Culinary Cruises means all the guesswork disappears. Our bars are stocked with an impressive selection of vegan wines, spirits, and soft drinks that have all been chosen especially by our team.