It’s time to celebrate vegan cuisine once again. Our #FoodFriday blog is a weekly tradition dedicated to our love of great vegan food photos. Each week, we pick 5 mouth watering vegan food photos from the wonderful foodies of Instagram, and this week, our top choices include delightful sliders, colorful peppers, and more!

Without further ado, let’s dig right in!



This dish by incorporates healthy green ingredients such as asparagus, tomato and field mushrooms, carefully fried in coconut oil and flavored with a variety of herbs and spices. With the photographer’s excellent shot composition, every ingredient of this vegan meal can be individually appreciated.



We all love a quick snack to get us through the day, and these special vegan sliders by @uncrowned_king_blazestar look absolutely delectable. With julienne cut veggies, garlic cream sauce and roasted cauliflower, these lovely sandwiches make our stomachs growl.



avocado roquette mushroom sandwiches are our third vegan food pick of the week. These sandwiches have their flavorful ingredients openly on display and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to imagine how great the taste. Mushrooms, raisins, roquettes, and avocados are combined in the boat-shaped baguette, ready to sail the seas of culinary delight.



Ahh, dessert. Who doesn’t like a sweet bowl with which to unwind? This vanilla maple porridge by @recipesofholly looks like the perfect vegan dessert to eat on warm summer nights. With cream, nuts, fruits and chia pudding, this vegan treat seems guaranteed to satisfy our sweet tooth.


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Post-training recovery meal: hardy veggie salad meets brown-rice-quinoa-tofu bowl. You should invest in organic sweet peppers to get that crunchy, sweet, and mildly spicy (and I mean mild) goodness in every bite. Concludes Carb-load Day 2. 😎 . .NO OILS. .NO ANIMALS. .NO DAIRY. .NO TOM FOOLERY…..just plants, bruh. 😉 . .saving the environment one plant-based recipe at a time. Get some! Special Thanks to my homie and plant-based partner in crime @bahhtender 💪👌👊😎 . . #veganathlete #vegan #plantbaseddiet #plantpowered #plantstrong #vegano #veganism #veganfitness #veganismo #veganlife #healthy #healthylifestyle #whatveganseat #foodphotography #food #veganrecipes #instagood #crueltyfree #savetheanimals #environment #health #savetheplanet #govegan #plants #carbs #carbsarelife

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For our final vegan food pick, @juanwithoutlimits presents his post-workout meal of a vibrant salad, rice, and tofu bowl. Packed with rich veggies fit for an athlete, this vegan meal is a riot of color. Greens, whites, reds, and yellows all topped by a pair of peppers. If we ever start a workout regiment, we’ll remember this inspiring dish!

This concludes our #FoodFriday this week, but don’t fret. We’ll return next week, and in the meantime, why not participate in our Food Friday tradition? Just hashtag #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan on your next vegan food photo. Who knows, maybe you’ll get featured in our next #FoodFriday post!

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