What makes you feel fulfilled each day? Is it a finished paragraph in that book you’ve been clamoring to finish? Is it the bloom of the flowers that you’re cultivating in your garden? Maybe it’s the soft touch of your pets, or even the smile of your loved ones? Whatever may bring you joy or make your day complete, you must cherish it. Such happiness must not be taken for granted. Welcome to this week’s Food Friday blog.

This week, we’ve compiled five great vegan food photos that are definitely fulfilling in their own way, from plant-based pizzas to trays of veggie delights. We might have to wait a bit before we go back on our vegan travels, but we can still enjoy the wonders of vegan food today.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Baked onion pakoras! ❤️ It was raining cats and dogs in Dallas today! So instantly I made these baked onion pakoras with some piping hot chai to satisfy my rainy day cravings! ❤️ Ingredients : 🧄 1 Large onion thinly slices 🧄 4 tbsp chickpea flour 🧄 3 tbsp rice flour 🧄 1 tsp red chilli powder 🧄 1 tsp turmeric 🧄 1 tsp chaat masala 🧄 1 tsp salt 🧄 handful of chopped fresh cilantro Method : 🧄 Add thinly sliced onions and salt to a mixing bowl and combine properly! Let it sit for a few mins! Onions will release some moisture which is essential for making the batter 🧄 Add all other ingredients to the mixing bowl and mix well adding water if necessary to make a thick batter 🧄 Arranged spoon fulls of pakora batter in a parchment lined baking sheet slightly brushed with oil. Brush the tops of the pakoras with oil as well. 🧄 Bake at 350F for 25-30 mins until it is fully cooked and crispy! 🧄 Enjoy with ketchup or coriander mint chutney What is your rainy day guilt pleasure? Let me know in the comments below! 😁 #pakora #pakoras #indianfood #desifood #snacks #healthysnacks #indiansnacks #chickpeas #teatime #teatimeinthemonsoons #chaitea #chaitealatte #bonappetit #food52 #tasty #indianfoodbloggers #indianfoodblog #dfwfoodblogger #snackideas #dallasfood #vegan #veganrecipes #vegetarian #vegetarianrecipes #turmeric #foodphotography #healthy #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodstagram

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Let’s start with something spicy and chewy! @minttobefoodie presents this delectable pic and recipe for onion pakoras! A spicy meal can really make a seemingly bland day feel more exciting. Must be all the chilli on the tongue that does the trick. These onion delights must be great.



Vegan pizza? Sign us up! Check out this awesome vegan pan pizza by @laveggieph, a funky pie-like piece that looks so full of depth. We can totally see the comparison between pizzas and pies, because just look at how chunky this pizza looks! We’re loving the details of the ingredients too. Yum.


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Rice and vegetable tray 🥦 Easy to make for vegan dinner in about 40 mins and you can easily add any leftover seasonal vegetables – perfect for welcoming in colder September days too. English recipe here: * 1 onion * 1 clove of garlic * 200g. broccoli * 200g. mushrooms * 150g. rice * 1 teaspoon rosemary * 1 teaspoon basil * 1 teaspoon cumin * 400 ml. coconut milk * 1/2 vegetable stock * 1/2 cup of water * 2 handfuld of spinach * Vegan cheese Cook the rice according to package instructions. Wash and chop broccoli, mushrooms, onion and garlic in small pieces. Cook on a pan with some olive oil a few minutes. Add the rice and drizzle with the all the dried spices. Add coconut milk, 1/2 vegetable stock + water. Add fresh spinach, stir it all together and cook for a few mins. Transfer into a tray, cover with shredded vegan cheese and black pepper. Bake in the oven at 200C hot air in 10-12 mins.

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@micadeli presents this lovely rice and veggie tray, perfect for a fulfilling dinner experience. We’re loving the whitish-yellow hues contrasting with the stark greens of the veggies, belying the savoriness of this particular cuisine. With the recipe in hand, we can’t wait to savor this great meal.



Who wants some eggplant lasagna? We do! This photo of eggplant lasagna by @tribekinsey looks so appetizing. Dark red is a really stimulating color, don’t you think? We’re always passionate about creative ways to prepare vegetables, and this eggplant delight fits our criteria of appreciation.


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I’ve been working on some newrecipes to share this week. First up is a delicious Mushroom donburi bowl. ⁣ ____ You will need: ⁣ 250g mushrooms ⁣ 3 tbsp sweetcorn ⁣ 250g sushi rice +350ml water ⁣ For the marinade: 2 cloves garlic, minced ⁣ 1 tbsp sesame oil ⁣ 1 tsp brown miso ⁣ 1 tbsp tamari ⁣ 80ml mirin(sub for white wine + 1tsp sugar) ⁣ ___ Method: Simply slice the mushrooms, whisk the marinade ingredients together in a bowl then add the mushrooms. Set aside for ten mins to soak ⁣ ⁣ Pop the rice on to boil for around 20 minutes ⁣ ⁣ Place the marinated mushrooms on a high heat to fry for around 15 minutes until glazed on each side ⁣ ⁣ Add around 3 tbsp sweet corn to the pan to char for the final 2 minutes ⁣ ⁣ Plate up and garnish with grated carrot and spinach, and a generous drizzle of tamari over the rice. #ipreview via @preview.app

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Our last pic is by @luci_and_lentils, showcasing a pair of delicious mushroom donburi bowls complete with a great recipe to follow. The donburi is usually prepared with fish and meat, but of course, we can see that mushrooms can fill that niche smoothly. This final pic is full of great details, from the lighting to the clear ingredients seen.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of vegan food photos. Want to participate? Just add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan on your IG vegan food photos, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog!

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