Time sure flies, doesn’t it? It’s another Friday, another conclusion to a workweek. This means another edition of our ongoing Food Friday blog, here to present a fresh batch of vegan dishes to admire and be inspired by.

This week, we’ve gathered some more delicious vegan food photos by the dedicated foodies of Instagram. We’ve got sweet and savory, soft and chewy, familiar and unfamiliar. There’s plenty of variety in vegan cuisine, don’t you agree?

Without further ado, let’s dig right in!


Let’s begin this week’s Food Friday with some delicious slices of banana bread! @happy_vegan_mom presents this excellent close-up of an absolutely golden piece of wonderful banana bread. Did you know that a banana is technically an herb? Well, most likely you already know that, but it’s fascinating to imagine how banana bread would technically be considered herb bread, but we digress. This bread looks amazing and we’d love to sample something like this in the future.



Smoothie bowls are a staple vegan sweet treat, but that doesn’t make them boring in any way. Each bowl is quite artful and delicious in their own unique way, like this one by @hullosunshine. The deep red of the smoothie works well with the deep blue of the berries, while the relatively smooth texture of the fruits contrasts well with the rough texture of the nuts. A lot of food aesthetics come from contrasts between two things, be they colors, textures or shapes. Smoothie bowls are some of the most aesthetically-pleasing vegan meals out there, at least in our opinion.



@yael.health.good.food presents these delicious vegan pancakes, made using great plant-based substitutes to butter and milk (almond and rice, respectively.) Served with sliced apples, these plant-based pancakes might not look conventionally pan-shaped in this photo, but we’re quite sure that they have the same delicious taste and texture. Contrary to popular belief, a vegan lifestyle won’t restrict your selection of meals, as long as you’re creative and know how to use the right ingredients.



Have you ever tried pasta with sauce made from coconut milk? @earthtolizzie certainly has, and this appetizing food photo of vegan pasta, broccoli and nutritional yeast is encouraging us to try using it for our future meals. There are various ways that you can serve pasta, and coconut milk sauce is a method that we don’t often see. That’s why this food photo caught our eye, and as we mentioned above, it inspired us to look for new pasta recipes to try out. Have you ever been inspired by our selection?



Our last Food Friday pick for this week is by @rawdia.sibiu, presenting a wonderfully photogenic shot of an all-green burger, complete with seeds, lettuce and other assorted greens. Sandwiches are a quintessential meal across peoples and cultures, as bread is quite universal and the incorporation of food with bread is a logical step forward. Despite the usual connotation of burgers with beef, this food photo reminds us that you don’t have to use animal products to make an aesthetically-pleasing burger meal.

That’s it for our Food Friday. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of vegan food photos and maybe some new easy vegan recipes to accompany them. Interested in joining in on our weekly celebration? Just add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan on your future vegan food photos on IG, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog!

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