Friday is probably the most anticipated day of the week, and our Food Friday blog is dedicated to making your Fridays even more enjoyable. Each week, we provide a selection of great vegan food photos by the dedicated folk of Instagram. Even when we’re in lockdown, we can still find ways to enjoy life and spread happiness.

This week, our selection of visual vegan foods include dishes that you might have heard before, but with a unique twist. We’ve got crumbles and pastas and so much more in store for you to feast your eyes upon.

Feeling hungry? Let’s dig right in!

Let’s start the week with some delicious vegan Indian cuisine! @foodga_sm presents this lovely plate of alu vadi, a snack that uses colocasia leaves to make a delightful all-green snack treat. This dish is also known as patra or patrode. The colors of this particular food photo are so appetizing, the soft yellowish-orange hue just making our mouths water. Have you ever tried making patrode?

@eatplantz_everyday presents this photogenic snapshot of an angel hair protein pasta, complete with vodka sauce, mushrooms and bits of plant-based sausage. Pasta comes in many forms, and angel hair pasta (also called capellini) is considerably versatile, usable for regular pasta cooking and even stir fry. As we can see in this delectable food photo, capellini pairs quite well with hearty vodka sauce filled with mushrooms and sliced vegan sausages, a meal of great quality and presentation.


Here’s something to sweeten your day! @barre.and.brunch’s blueberry lemon poppyseed donuts, were made using a combination of two different donut recipes by @orchidsnsweettea_, and from the looks of it, the combination was a success. The soft purplish blueberry hue just reminds us of sunny afternoons out with friends. These desserts really look quite lovely to savor on a picnic.

@veganyogipatricia presents another sweet treat! This caramelized onion tart looks absolutely stunning, the onion rings blending with the hue of the caramel, yet still maintaining their unique texture. We don’t see many vegan onion tarts in our forays through Instagram, and this one took us by surprise. We’d love to try a vegan onion tart sometime.

@saltedplains concludes our FoodFriday blog with one last dessert dish, a square of gluten-free cherry crumble bars that is sure to light up your tastebuds. The recipe is even linked in her profile. Even if it’s just a picture, we can see for ourselves the possible tastes and textures of the cherry crumble, from the powdery bits to the juicy cherry parts. If we’re feeling like there’s something missing in our daily routine, we’ll make a fresh batch of these great-looking crumble bars to make our day brighter.

That’s it for our Food Friday, at least for this week. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of vegan food photos to admire and be inspired by. Interested in joining in on our weekly celebration of all-green cuisine? Add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan on your future vegan food photos, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog!

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