Hello there! How’s your week been? We hope that you’ve experienced plenty of positivity this week, but if you’re feeling down, don’t worry, we’ve got something to cheer you up. Welcome to this week’s Food Friday Blog. 

Partaking in great vegan food can help you get through the day, physically and mentally. Each vegan meal is a slice of sunshine that can bring a smile to your face and gladness in your heart. That’s why we chose 5 great vegan food photos from Instagram that embody the positivity of plant-based cuisine, from cakes to tortillas.

Getting hungry? Let’s dig right in!


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Loaded up some toast for breakfast. Butternut squash, sweet potato, tomato & spinach with some harissa and tomato aioli. 🍞🍅🍠 #vegan #breakfast #healthystart #anotherbowloffood #technicallyaplate

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Let’s start with something good for your breakfast! @anotherbowloffood presents a lovely pair of butternut squash toasts, prepared with tomato, sweet potato and spinach. We’re loving the simplicity of this scrumptious meal. Toast is a quintessential part of breakfast, and like a blank canvas, it can be endowed with many appetizing ingredients and colors.

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Vegan Lamington Doughnuts with house made organic raspberry jam

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Let’s get something sweet! @shannon_toleman presents these lovely Lamington donuts. We just love the snow-colored goodness of these raspberry Jam goodies! It must be a total delight to share a bite of these donuts with friends and loved ones. If we can’t do so in person, we can always do so by video chat and such.

@thepowerplant2019 presents a great tortilla dish with pea, coriander hummus and other assorted green ingredients. Tortilla is one of the most underrated flatbread types, in our opinion. It might not be as ubiquitous as toast, but it is quite good to partner with an assortment of plant-based ingredients.

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Crispy tofu with brown rice and red quinoa, served on spinach leaves, with fresh tomatoes. #vegan #plantbased

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And here’s another simple but elegant vegan dish! @iamthegoldlion presents a plate of crispy tofu and red quinoa. The rich red hue of the tomato and the appetizing brown colors of the tofu and quinoa complete this vegan photo, alongside the hint of green by the leaves to the side. Like a flag, these simple color combinations can evoke so many strong feelings. In this case, appetite.


Let’s end our Food Friday with something even sweeter. @bookishmornings presents this great vegan plum cake, apparently for breakfast. Cake has been one of the go-to desserts of humans ever since we’ve learned to bake. We would love to try a plum cake sometime in the future, when we can prepare a large batch to share with our friends.

That’s it for our Food Friday. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of IG vegan food photos. Want to join in on our weekly celebration? Add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan on your next vegan IG food photo, and who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in a future blog.

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