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Fruit Pixel Art 🍉🍍🍑 Yay or Nay? ✨

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Teenage Instagram star @naturally.jo had to be in our top 5 list this week with this amazing pixel fruit art. Who would’ve thought one could be so artsy with fruits! We simply couldn’t go past this eye-catching display.



How can something look so delicious and nutritious at the same time? @realandvibrant is an Instagram account you must follow if you are interested in wholesome, irresistible plant-based recipes and food creations. This garlic roasted cauliflower with lemon tahini sauce is too good to be true.


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STUFFED BAKED POTATOES W/ MUSHROOM + SPINACH! 🥔💚 Omg you guys…these are as cozy as they come! Made by sautéing the veg in a balsamic almond butter sauce, and stuffing into a steaming hot potato. Does it get any more comforting?🥰 Perfect as a stand-alone dish, or an impressive side-dish. I'll be serving them this weekend for Canadian Thanksgiving with my quick and easy vegan gravy. . . Find the recipe below👇, and at the link in profile. Think you're going to love these stuffed baked potatoes. #twospoons . . STUFFED BAKED POTATOES W/ MUSHROOM + SPINACH 4 russet potatoes 1 tbsp coconut oil 2 cloves garlic , finely chopped 4 cups (250g) cremini mushrooms pinch salt 1 tbsp almond butter 1 tbsp balsamic vinaigrette 1 tbsp lemon juice 4 cups baby spinach (approx. 2 handfuls) . . 1. Preheat oven to 425F/215C. Poke holes around each potato using a fork (this will help the heat to escape while baking). Wrap each in tin foil and bake in the oven for 40-50, or until you can easily poke through the cooked potatoes with a toothpick. 2. In a skillet add coconut oil, garlic, sliced mushrooms and pinch salt. Cook on medium heat for 5-10 minutes. 3. Whisk together almond butter, balsamic and lemon juice and pour over mushrooms. Continue cooking until mushrooms are browned and ready to eat, then toss in baby spinach and cook until wilted (2-3 minutes). Slice open baked potatoes and fill with mushroom and spinach medley. Optional to drizzle with vegan gravy (recipe on blog).

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Nobody makes vegan comfort food quite like @twospoons.ca. Need proof? Check out our third vegan food photo this week and be amazed. Stuffed baked potatoes with mushroom and spinach – this blogger and food stylist sure has a magical way of turning everyday veg into such delicate cuisine. Click on the Instagram post for the recipe!



@303bythesea is a gorgeous coffee shop and eatery located in Adelaide, South Australia. The café impressed us this week with their take on vegan smoothie bowls. What a dreamy culinary delight! If you’re in Australia, you will definitely feel the summer vibes oozing from this photo.



If you don’t know about @avantgardevegan, now is the time to get check out this UK-based plant-based blogger. Chef Gaz Oakley has breathed new life into vegan recipes, including these green savory crepes with homemade vegan mozzarella and red pepper chutney. The mere sight of this is making us all hungry.

We hope our top 5 Instagram picks this week gave you some inspiration because the list sure left us craving for more. Can’t wait to be back with another batch of vegan masterpieces next week.

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