How’s your week been? Been cooking up some vegan cuisine lately? If not, maybe our Food Friday blog will give you some ideas. Food is a great way to keep your mind off troublesome things, and eating well is an important part of your personal health journey. This week, we’ve chosen five great vegan food photos from Instagram that we feel would lift our spirits, from lovely tapioca to great pasta.

Hungry for some food photos? Dig in!


Let’s start this Food Friday with something big! @superfreesnackhunter presents this dairy-free vegan pizza, complete with chickweed, tomatoes, shitake mushrooms and other great ingredients. We like our pizzas extra thick with powdery bread, and this one just ticks all the things that we want from an all-green pizza delight. It would be great to share a vegan pizza with friends or family as we make the best out of lockdown.



Some of our crew at VCC still remember the old Popeye cartoons, where the titular sailor would give himself a boost from eating spinach. Spinach is a key ingredient in @2happylittlevegans’ delicious creamy pesto pasta, with a helpful ingredient list and recipe list to boot. Pasta is like rice, in how it is like a canvas on which different flavors can be imparted. Spinach is delicious, we can attest, and this recipe lets us appreciate it more.



@homecookedeverything presents our next Food Friday pick, a vegan ramen using one of @pinchofyum’s recipes. Ramen is one of the best Japanese meals to eat while staying at home, and combined with spicy tofu, eating it will surely warm us on a cold spring night. We’re loving the interplay of the greens with the yellow and browns of the ramen, colors that just make our stomachs rumble. We’ll also check out @pinchofyum’s other recipes a bit later.


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A dish that visually looks fun, serves as a snack & breakfast and highly customizable – Sabudana Khichadi (Savory Sago/Tapioca). . Like any other khichadi, you can totally customize this dish with pretty much any choice of nuts, veggies & seasoning. Being starch heavy, you want to soak them in cold water (2-3 hours prior cooking) & not warm water to avoid gooey texture. . What we have here, is Potato Peanut Sabudana Khichadi 🥔 🥜…. 👌👌👌 . . #food #foodie #vegan #vegetarian #vegetarianrecipes #quickrecipes #roguechefvish #foodgram #shotoniphone #socialdistantcooking #socialdistancing #dailycook #healthy #nom #photooftheday #food #eat #instagood #potd #icookfromscratch #brunch #breakfast #snack #homemade #vegansofig #tapioca #sago #indianfood #cleaneating

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This lovely Sabudana Khichadi dish is presented by @roguechefvish, a traditional Indian food with a vegan twist. It’s always great to see a piece of delicious cultural cuisine specially prepared to be all-green. Or all-yellow, in this case. We’re excited to see what other great vegan meals this IG foodie will concoct in the future.


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DELICIOUS POWER OATS…. delicious, nutritious organic oats (40-50g pending on your personal nutritional needs) 1/4cup quinoa rolled flakes & 1 level tbsp of hemp seeds 1 level tsp Of chia seed Soaked overnight in unsweetened cashew, Oat or Almond milk (or non dairy milk of choice) with your choice of berries, nuts and or fruit.. TODAYS: Fresh kiwi🥝banana🍌chopped nuts and hempseed…lots of complete protein, good complex carbs and fibre for the gut..good fatty acids and lots of antioxidants and Vitamin C😋🌱🙏🏾 #gamechangers #plantstrong #veganfood #vegetarianrecipes #plantbasednews# #wholefoods #vegansofig #plantbasedlife #dairyfree #Vegan #jonvenus #veganrecipes #veganfood #veganhealth #pbnfitness #veganofinstagram #vegansof theworld #plantbased #veganfortheplanet #veganfortheenviroment #veganforhealth #plantbasedrecipes #plantbasedpowers #plantbasednutrition #simnettnutrition #plantbasedmeals #plantbasednews #eatingyoualive #vegankitchen #veganinspiration

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Our last pick for this week’s Food Friday blog is a power oats meal by @richnnutrients2020. Fresh kiwi and banana accompany this fibrous, protein-packed and absolutely nutritious plate. The design of the fruits somewhat resembles a ribcage, subtly reminding us of the inner parts of ourselves that benefit from our plant-based lifestyles.

That’s it for our Food Friday. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of vegan food photos. Interested in joining our weekly celebration? Add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan to your next great vegan food photo on IG. Who knows, maybe your plant-based masterpiece will be featured in a future blog.

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