Don’t you just feel amazing when you conclude your week with a plate of delicious vegan cuisine? Our #FoodFriday blog is dedicated to the wonder that one experiences when enjoying something delicious. Each week, we scour the galleries of Instagram for the best vegan food photos, choosing 5 great images for your viewing pleasure. This week, we’ve got an eclectic selection of all-green dishes, from great cakes to lovely pastas.

Feeling hungry? Let’s dig right in!

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Bihar Ka Prasiddha Litti- Chokha ( flour stuffed tangy stuffing baked served with traditional eggplant chutney and spicy tomato chutney plated with mango chutney ) made by me 🥰. Inspired by our honourable prime minister Sri @narendramodi . It tastes so yummy that you feel like dancing traditional Bihari dance after having a bite and it became my mom's favourite 😋. Thanks to purnabramha team for providing Alphonso mango pulp.Have a great day ahead ☀️.#veganfood#whatveganseat #healthyfood #vegansrock #veganfood #instahealth #instamood #instafood #instagood #plantbased #vegetarian #veg #govegan #vegan #vegansofinstagram #nomnom #breakfast #dinner #cheflife #foodblogger #foodstyling #foodiegram #foodaholic #picoftheday #photooftheday #picoftheday #lunch #india #yum #foodheaven #chefsofinstagram #chefsofinstagram #followme

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Let’s get some Litti Chokha! Our first Food Friday pick of the week is by @Youngchef_soham, presenting their vegan spin on this Indian cuisine. Utilizing chutneys made from eggplant, mango and spicy tomato, these delicious dough delights definitely look delectable. We’d love to take a bite out of these litti and savor the all-green traditional flavor within.


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Meatless Monday Meal alongside some mindful thoughts to kick start your week right 🙉 🌈❤️ – The start of a new month & week always gets me thinking of how I can do more good to myself, life & mindset. I have started doing something that has brought a new way of thinking to cooking & eating food. Before eating at least one meal in my day – I am saying to myself 5 things I am grateful for, whether it is how the food has been brought to the table (planted, grown, manufactured or purchased) or anything in particular I am grateful for that day. Bringing mindfulness to the food I am eating and how I am eating it ☺️ I challenge you this week to do the same! It honestly brings you a lot of enjoyment & gratitude to the food in front of you and helps you bring some peace to the way you eat. – – This recipe is a remake of the old Spag Bol.. Lentil & Vegetable Bolognese with Edamame Spaghetti🍝 Packed jam full of plant based protein from top to bottom leaving you so energised & so satisfied 🙉🌈 All of these ingredients can be found at your local @countdown_nz & turns out to be SO cheap to make 😛 Inspiring you this month to add that little bit more goodness into your life. – – – – RECIPE: Serves 4 1. Cook your desired pasta as per packet instructions, drain & set aside in bowls. 2. In a pot: Heat 1 Tbsp of Olive oil on medium heat & add 1 diced onion – Sauté for 3 minutes until translucent. 3. Add 2 Tsp crushed garlic, 2 Tsp cumin, 1.5 Tsp paprika, 1 Tbsp Mixed herbs, 1 Tsp dried basil & rosemary. Mix through & allow to fry for 1 minute. 4. Add to the pot: 1 Diced capsicum, 1 shredded carrot & 2 celery sticks chopped – Stir to coat in the spices, cooking for another 2 minutes. 5. Add 1 Can of tomatoes, 1 Cup of dried red lentils, 1 Handful of kale & 1 Cup of water. Stir & bring to a simmer. Leave for 7 minutes whilst the water absorbs, stirring frequently. 6. Add in 1 Tbsp nutritional yeast, 1/2 Tsp chilli, salt & pepper to taste & extra basil/rosemary as required for that lil extra taste. 7. To serve: Add 1 cup of the mixture on top of your pasta & top with extra Nutri on a yeast if ya want!!

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Anybody craving spaghetti? Because we are! @mullysmeals presents this wonderful lentil and vegetable bolognese (meat free) with edamame spaghetti, a savory pasta dish that’s making our stomachs rumble just by looking at it. We adore pastas of all kinds, and this lovely vegan food photo reminds us why. There’s even a recipe that we can use to create our own version of their lentil dish!


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Unser Brötchen des Monats März ist ein absoluter Gaumenschmaus: . Veganes Sesambrötchen mit Hummus, gerösteter roter Bete und Kresse . Für uns schon jetzt ein heißer Kandidat für das Brötchen des Jahres! Das Angebot gibt's wie immer im Bistro Templergraben, an der Burgerbar der Mensa Academica, in der Mensa Vita und in der Mensa Jülich. . Guten! 😁 . . . . . #vegan #brötchendesmonats #brötchen #hummus #kichererbsen #chickpeas #rotebete #veggie #yummy #lecker #sesam #sesambrötchen #kresse #snack #frühstück #breakfast #gutenappetit #studierendenwerkaachen #rwth #rwthaachen #fhaachen #kathoaachen #hfmtaachen #mensaacademica #bistrotemplergraben #mensavita #mensajülich

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Who says you need meat for your burgers? This vegan hummus burger photo by @studierendenwerkaachen shows us that an all-green recipe is all you need when it comes to fast food. With an enticing filling of cress and roasted beetroot, this vegan burger is sure to satisfy the customer who bites into this morsel of healthy fast food.



Green is such an iconic color for vegan dishes, including dessert! @hempgallery presents their oh so mouth-watering bundt cakes, made from chia, banana and coconut. We can almost feel the fluffy, chewing texture of this cake just by looking at it. Coconut and banana are great fruits, and our minds are alight at the thought of tasting them in harmony in this delicious cake.



Last but not least is this smoothie bowl by @sammleex, a gluten-free concoction of nuts and assorted fruits. We see a lot of smoothie bowls on Instagram, but it takes a vegan dessert photo with a sense of flair to be chosen for our Food Friday. In this case, we adore the lighting of the bowl and the placement of its ingredients, artfully presented with all their different textures intact and palpable. Life is like a smoothie bowl, in a way, a concoction composed of different sensations (rough and smooth, grainy and chewy, etc) that blend together into something worth savoring.

Well, that’s it for our Food Friday blog for the week. Be sure to visit us next week for a fresh batch of delicious vegan cuisine to admire. Want to join our weekly celebration? Add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan on your next great vegan food photo on IG. Who knows, you might get featured in a future blog!

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