When partaking in vegan dishes, it’s important to remember that each bite is an experience. Food, like art, is meant to be appreciated, not merely gobbled down. Our #FoodFriday blog is dedicated to the appreciation of great vegan food, and this week, we’ve got quite the selection of all-green cuisine, compiled from the mouth-watering galleries of the great food enthusiasts of Instagram. From sweet meals to savory wonders, our Food Friday is sure to delight you.

Feeling inspired? Dig in!

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Blood Orange Chocolate Haiku Green moss blossoms grow Spring comes on us with a glow Pretty colors flow. * This is a vegan vanilla bean cake iced over with my very own vegan chocolate and orange simple syrup icing. I’ve been experimenting with vegan and gluten-free baking since my friend Mike asked me to bring something to one the art events he and his friends/coworkers put on. I hadn’t thought he was being serious. They are well catered events. I have trouble understanding when people are joking or being serious fairly often. He was being very serious apparently, so I am on the line, and can’t mess around anymore. Hence, you will be seeing more gluten- free and vegan desserts on here as I continue to figure out the ideal baked delight to bring. I hand decorated the cake using blood oranges and mint leaves I dried and candied, roses I dried a jarred after this summer, and marigolds I purchased @health.huttgh and dried. I have my mother to thank for teaching me all about edible flowers. She would make beautiful flower cakes. Valentine’s Day is my favorite Holiday. I hate when people write it off as just a commercial holiday, when every holiday could be seen as just that. For me it a celebration of the love of so many of my favorite things including family, friends, animals, nature, hand written notes, hand made treats, chocolates, and of course romantic love, or no romantic love. It is memories of my dad and I sharing in our favorite types of chocolate covered bliss.

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Let’s start with something sweet, shall we? Our first choice for this week is by @Elliefordglutenfree, showcasing this delicious-looking vegan vanilla bean cake, iced over with chocolate and decorated with blood orange slices and edible flowers. This vegan sweet treat looks quite romantic, from the rich dark coloring to the flowers scattered around the overlapping slices. Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but you can always enjoy something sweet with your loved ones regardless of the occasion.


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Winter Veggie Noodle Bowl

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Here we have this noodle bowl by @lettuce.eat.some.tacos (hehe), made with an assortment of winter vegetables. Some greens are called winter greens because they can withstand the cold weather due to the sugar that they contain, providing hardy nutrients in less ideal climes for harvest. Enduring the chilly winds of life can be tough, but when you’re sweet enough to face cold shoulders and icy silences, then you can survive anything that the world throws at you.



@flavorsnplaces presents her vegan rendition of an Indian snack. This Dal Palak Pakora is composed of split chickpeas, cilantro and spinach, cooked into a batch of well-textured fritter that look heavenly on that lime green plate. We’d love to sample this wondrous delight, but alas we cannot eat an image. We can only admire.


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From yesterday. ☀️

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Sometimes, we feel that calling plants and vegetables “greens” is a great disservice to our vegan ingredients. After all, our all-natural dishes can be all the colors of the rainbow, as these vivid sourdoughs by @blondieandrye can attest. With a myriad smattering of veggies and fruits (remember what a tomato truly is), these breads will be sure to satisfy whoever partakes in their rainbow goodness.



The final Food Friday photo for the week is a personal favorite of ours. Ratatouille is a French dish that was once known only as a humble farmer’s dinner, a meal that they themselves wrought from the earth that they tilled. @kaukaus_plate showcases their rendition of this distinctive Provencal meal, a richly-colored, well-textured masterpiece that reminds us of why we adore vegan cuisine.

Did you have a wonderful experience? We sure hope so! Visit us next week for a fresh batch of vegan food photos to admire and be inspired by. Interested in inspiring others with your own vegan cuisine? Simply add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan on your next vegan food photo. Who knows, maybe your own vegan delight might be chosen next time!

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