We’re back for another #FoodFriday blog! How was your week? Are you feeling excited about the last day of the work week, because we are! Friday’s the day we get to showcase a new batch of great #vegan food from the wonderful foodies of Instagram! Ah, seeing these various vegan foods just puts a smile on our faces. We hope that our selection can make you feel glad, too! We’ve got dumplings, pasta, and more for your viewing pleasure.

Ready for the sunshine? Let’s dig in!

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Seared Tofu and Lentils | Masa • Broccoflower • White Balsamic Glaze • Confit Carrot •Dill • Carrot Greens • Chervil Last year I was asked by a friend (she hated me at the time, particularly for being vegan) if all I did was "like, eat vegetables and be happy?" The second part of that is hard sometimes, because we get ourselves in toxic situations that are hard to escape, but the first part is easy, and helps with the second. I mean, just look at the curd on this broccoflower. Florets, especially cold weather ones like those in the brassica family, are just beautiful, and "Beauty is the form under which the intellect prefers to study the world." Knowing your plants means knowing your world, and knowing your world means knowing yourself, and knowing yourself means flourishing; from the flowers in the field to the flower of the self, happiness is this unfolding of a beautifully crafted life. My friend forgave me, eventually, for being vegan, and now she even likes kohlrabi. Plant appreciation post over. Doesn't that tofu look good too though? I realized today that extra firm tofu cooks a lot like fish, so I prepared this plate the way that an omnivore might present a seared tuna, breaded with masa and herbs. #tofu #seared #play #emerson #planted #plantsofinstagram #plants #broccoli #caufilower #tuna #veganfood #vegan #vegansofinstagram #vegancommunity #vegans #whatveganseat #homecooking #iloveplants #art #beauty #love

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Do you love tofu? We know we do. @the_laurentian presents this fabulous seared tofu and lentils dish, a meal that looks fit for a high-end restaurant without being too minimalist with its ingredients. Look at that sumptuous tofu! Everybody cooks it differently, and from this picture, we’re sure that @the_laurentian prepares theirs with passion and love.



Next up is this photo by @emergingadulteats, presenting their rendition of chickpea dumplings. We’re just loving the textures of this creation, and can only imagine how tasty these dumplings would be as they melt in our mouths with that filling tomato sauce. With an engaging recipe on their website, you too can create these great dumplings and partake in this vegan deliciousness.


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Spicy Vegan Mac ♡ . . . ■ Ingredients⠀ -pasta (I usually use chickpea pasta)⠀ -2 tbls vegan butter⠀ -1/4 onion chopped ⠀ -1 tbls almond flour or flour of choice⠀ -onion powder⠀ -paprika ⠀ -red pepper flakes ⠀ -1/2 cup of nutritional yeast⠀ -non dairy milk ⠀ ⠀ ■ Boil pasta as directed ⠀ ⠀ ■ Veggies ⠀ -sauté veggies of choice( I like to use broccoli and zucchini) in olive oil ⠀ ⠀ ■ “Cheese” Sauce ⠀ -Melt butter in pot⠀ -add onion and sauté until soft⠀ -add flour, onion powder paprika, salt and pepper⠀ -mix until smooth ⠀ -slowly add milk whisking as you go ⠀ -add nutritional yeast ⠀ -add as much milk as you need for the consistency you want ⠀ ⠀ ■ Add cooked pasta/ cooked veggies to sauce pan and add more red pepper flakes ⠀ ⠀ Xoxo Ash

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Want some spice in your life? Well, @fit_butz has got you covered! Her spicy vegan mac looks inviting, prepared with vegan cheese and great greens that contrast with the white coloring of the pasta. She even has the recipe posted with the picture, so that we don’t have to imagine what this great vegan dish will taste like. There’s nothing better than a vegan photo accompanied by a recipe!



Avocados are a great staple vegan food. @botanicnaturopathy presents their simple yet satisfying vegan meal of mashed avocado, spread over rye bread and topped with tomatoes. This food photo shows that even with a bare few ingredients, a vegan dish can look fabulous with enough pizzaz.



Still got room for dessert? This oatmeal matcha bowl by @bernd_63 is our final Food Friday pick of the week, and the inspiration for this week’s blog title. There’s something so evocative about this vegan dessert bowl. Maybe it’s the dark grapes contrasting with the vivid yellow of the lemons. Maybe it’s the little Buddha in the corner. Maybe it’s the subtle lighting. Whatever the case, this vegan dessert looks like a bowl of sunshine to us, and we bet it tastes great too.

That concludes our #FoodFriday blog for the week. Be sure to tune in next week for our next five great vegan food photo picks. Interested in getting featured in a future blog? Simply add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan to your next great food photo. Who knows, you might get your photo featured in one of our 2020 #FoodFridays, inspiring the foodies who frequent our website.

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